If We Were Honest On Valentine's Day...

It’s here, you guys — Valentine’s Day. The holiday you either dread, love, or forgot about altogether. Whether you’re a part of a couple who hates V-Day or happily single and excited to celebrate Feb. 14 anyway, we say a lot of things about this holiday that we don’t always mean. As we get older, it seems like either the novelty has worn off or the bitterness has set in when it comes to Valentine’s Day (remember how awesome it was in elementary school?), but we sure do send out a lot of mixed messages when it comes to this heart adorned holiday.

And I’ll be honest: I’m just as at fault as the rest of us. I didn’t date in high school, so for every “Valentine’s Day is stupid” that I uttered, what I really meant was “I'm a feminist, but getting flowers from my crush would make my 16-year-old life.” But even though I’m older now and my experiences regarding Valentine’s Day have changed quite a bit, we’re probably all still a little guilty of such statements from time to time. Maybe this Valentine’s Day, you can give your SO, bestie, or family the gift of actually expressing how you really feel.

1. What you say: "I don't really need a gift this year..."

What you mean: "I've already gotten the chocolates and flowers and jewelry, and I'd rather have you surprise me with something different."

2. What you say: "Valentine's Day is for couples."

What you mean: "I consider myself a tolerant person, but you've only been dating for a month and your PDA is irritating."

3. What you say: "Technology has ruined romance anyway."

What you mean: "I swear to science that if I get roped into another group text with my boyfriend's mom, I'm going to scream."

4. What you say: "I hate being single on Valentine's Day."

What you mean: "Now I have to buy my own damn chocolate."

5. What you say: "I love being single on Valentine's Day."

What you mean: "While all you suckers are spending fortunes on flowers and dinner, I'll be having pizza with my cat."

6. What you say: "I don't believe in celebrating Valentine's Day."

What you mean: "Can't we just watch Netflix and forget about it?"

7. What you say: "Oh, I don't know if they'll propose tonight."

What you mean: "1) Mom, stop and 2) I love them, but I hope not. My Instagram feed will be crowded enough."

8. What you say: "You should show that you love your SO/friends/family every day, not just Valentine's Day."

What you mean: "Can we make it socially acceptable for me to get dressed up and stuff my face with chocolate and wine more than once a year?"

9. What you say: "Screw it. I'm going to take myself on a date this Valentine's Day."

What you mean: "I hope that at least one other hot/nice/funny person has the same idea and we meet before I'm too drunk."

10. What you say: "Valentine's Day was better in elementary school."

What you mean: "I miss the days when kids who didn't even like (or like like) you had to give you a card and free treats."

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