How Will Zoe and Wade's Relationship Change Once Their Secret is Out? 'Hart of Dixie' Could Throw Us For Another Loop

After the bomb dropped that she's pregnant, Zoe Hart and Wade Kinsella finally made amends on Hart of Dixie when Wade showed up in New York to prove himself worthy of another chance. But that is all about to change. In the promo for Monday's episode "Red Dye," the citizens of Bluebell discover the couple's big news and they seem even more confused than Zoe was. Since they're apparently caught doing the dirty, it looks like the couple was finally back at it until their friends and neighbors start to question their sanity. An interrogation is about to happen in Bluebell, and once all is revealed, Zade is about to get messy once again.

When people talk, Zoe tends to listen (extremely intently), which is what landed her in run-away-to-New-York mode in the first place when she heard Wade might propose. So it isn't going to shock us when Zoe inevitably hits anxiety-overload once the townies rip her apart with questions. It's still way too early in the season for Zade have possibly made it to their happy ending already. Their newly rekindled relationship is about to head downhill with considerable momentum and here's why:

Zoe Could Crack Under Pressure

If you thought Zoe was bad at handling pressure before, just you wait. The questions that are going to be thrown at her would drive anybody mad, so throw some hormones into that mix and you've got yourself one viciously moody doctor. Wade is playing the nice guy now but that doesn't mean Zoe won't completely destroy his pride in the midst of all the nonsense that's about to happen. Zoe has nine long months ahead of her and my guess is we haven't seen the last of her Wade-as-the-father skepticism.

Wade's Bad-Boy Reputation Will Suffer

This wildly attractive, but mildly offensive, hometown Alabama boy has prided himself on being the bad boy of Bluebell since the pilot. For most of the series' duration, Wade tried to keep up the facade even though he knew he loved Zoe the minute he saw her. He refused to believe that he would ever settle down, which made girls want him all the more. There's no question that once the word's out people will start to question the change and Wade will not be happy about that. His neighbors will be reluctant to see the small-town bartender as a dad and Bluebellians aren't ones to keep their opinions quiet.

Wade's Good-Guy Reputation Will Also Suffer

There is a good chunk of the Bluebell population that is not going to get over Wade as the bad guy. People like Lemon and Lavon have tried over and over to convince Zoe that Wade is never going to change. And if people try to do that to her now, it will definitely drive Zoe away. A few months ago, Wade was the guy who was ready to settle down, open his own business and was even a pretty good make-shift father to his ex Vivian's kid. But now he's the opposite-of-ambitious bartender again who knocked up the town doctor.

There Are Potentially Only Seven Episodes Left

This short ten-episode season might be HoD' s last, and if that's the case, we need drama before we can get answers. Yes, if Zade is going to have a happy ending, it needs to happen quick. Unfortunately, HoD wouldn't be the fun that it is if it happens too quick. Based on the fact that the writers need to hold our attention until the bitter end, Zade's newly rekindled relationship is going to be a very bumpy ride.

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