Will Taylor Swift Be on 'Girls'?

Look, I know Taylor's really busy (and really, really famous), but she has to make a cameo on Girls — I mean, it just makes sense. Lena Dunham offered an open invitation to Taylor Swift on the Golden Globes red carpet, and I think her friend should be honor-bound to accept it. After all, she and the Girls showrunner/executive producer/writer/director/star are BFFs: They give each other quaint gifts (Taylor gave Lena a moth that "died of natural causes" as a housewarming present, and Lena gave Taylor a custom designer cat cameo necklace for her birthday), they swap Golden Globes dresses, they publicly sing each other's praises, and they're just plain awesome together.

Plus, they inspire each other — Taylor credits Lena with teaching her the importance of feminism, and Lena says that she listened to Taylor's albums as she wrote her first movie, and the first two seasons of Girls. That special kind of symbiosis doesn't happen every day; it's not something to be squandered. I mean, with that kind of positive dynamic, they basically owe it to the world to collaborate on as many things as possible — especially a certain award-winning HBO comedy.

And hey, it's not totally impossible; it could happen — remember when Taylor was on New Girl? She was quite funny in her mini-cameo (she scored extra points for mocking her own infamous "surprised" face). Besides, Taylor's doing everything right now, from moonlighting as a Victoria's Secret Angel to throwing the most star-studded birthday parties ever — so can't she just consider logging some time with the cast and crew of Girls as just another step in her ongoing quest for world domination? When it comes right down to it, she'd be perfect the show, and here's a few reasons why:

1. She Would Be A Hilarious Foil to Marnie

Wouldn't it be great if she came on as a rival singer/songwriter to the ultra-insecure Marnie?

2. ... Or, a Jealousy-inducing Rebound for Adam

It just be awful (and so, so typical) if Adam had a fling with a might-as-well-be-a-Victoria's Secret model. On a slightly unrelated note, I'd pay cold hard cash to hear a T. Swift Signature breakup song about Adam Sackler.

3. ... Or, a New BFF for Shosh

Can't you imagine them wearing crazy hairstyles and talking really fast together?

4. She Could Even Play Herself!

I'm not quite sure how their paths would cross, but I'd sure love to see Hannah, Shoshanna, Marnie, and Jessa get into a heated debate over Taylor Swift's music (hey, it can be very divisive).

5. Basically, This Needs to Happen on Girls


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