Blame Your 'Scandal' Hangover On These 7 Insane Moments From The Midseason Premiere — PHOTOS

If you woke up with your heart racing and a pounding headache, it's a Scandal hangover from Olivia Pope's kidnapping. For an hour, you were probably chugging wine (a.k.a. playing our #TGIT drinking game) and nervously eating handfuls of popcorn, so getting through today is going to be rough. Then again, your day can't be as terrible as getting kidnapped, locked up in a dirty jail cell for god knows how long, thinking your cellmate was murdered, and then finding out that he's your captor and there is no escape. Those are just a handful of insane things that happened on Scandal's Season 4 midseason premiere, and there's surely more to come as Liv's locked-up time continues.

There were a few heart-stopping moments that didn't involve immediate danger, like Olivia and Fitz in the shower and Jake standing alone in the middle of the street wearing only boxer-briefs, but most of them revolved around Kerry Washington's incredible, Emmy-worthy work as a prisoner. To help you deal with your hangover, I've rounded up a cure for every crazy moment from Thursday's episode based on how nuts it was. Warning: some of them encourage more drinking, because sometimes you have to ask yourself: "What would Olivia Pope do?"

When We Find Out Olivia Is Across The Hall

Hangover cure: Gatorade and asprin.

When Olivia's Cellmate Is Dragged Away And "Killed"

Hangover cure: your local version of Gettysburger, with fries.

When Olivia Almost Breaks Out — And Then Gets Dragged Down

Hangover cure: an entire cheese pizza and a glass of wine.

When Olivia's Epic Dream-Within-A-Dream Ends

Hangover cure: a cold shower, an enormous bagel with cream cheese and jam, and a vat of coffee.

When Olivia Shoots Her Captor

Hangover cure: a few glasses of smooth red wine. Drinking again is the only way to fix this now.

When Olivia Breaks Out… Only To Realize It's All Fake

Hangover cure: crawl into the fetal position with your wine.

When Olivia's Cellmate Is Actually Her Captor

Hangover cure: shotgun a bottle of wine, and maybe add some Tequila.

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