Who Killed Lila On 'How to Get Away with Murder'? This Theory Would Be The Most Shocking Twist Yet

How to Get Away with Murder is back, and it feels so good. On Thursday night's midseason premiere, "Hello Raskolnikov," Annalise Keating successfully got the murder charges against Rebecca Sutter dropped. The catch? She had to convince the judge that her husband, the late Sam Keating, killed Lila Stangard. Of course, the evidence against Sam is pretty damning, so it probably wasn't all that difficult to pull off from a legal standpoint (from an emotional standpoint is another story, though). For starters, Sam wanted Lila to have an abortion, but she didn't want to go through with it — that gives him a motive to want her dead. Additionally, the GPS on Sam's phone placed him at Lila's sorority house on the night she was murdered. (I think this was what you call a major "DUN DUN DUN" moment.)

I admit, it all sounds good, but I'm still not entirely convinced that Sam's our guy. After all, there are five new episodes left in Season 1, and the writers just introduced Sam's sister (played by Oscar-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden, no less) — I don't think they're going to wrap up the show's only remaining mystery this early or this easily. Here's something to ponder: Did Rebecca actually kill Lila?

Who knows? Maybe now that she thinks she's finally "in the clear," she'll make a mistake...

Here's the deal: Something tells me that series creator Peter Nowalk and producer Shonda Rhimes will want to shock viewers with a chilling plot twist when the two-part season finale airs on Thursday, Feb. 26, and I, for one, would be really creeped out to discover that Rebecca is the culprit we've been searching for all along. Think about it: she's managed to convince all those around her (including Annalise) that she's innocent — that's the work of a seriously cunning sociopath! Further, she's been able to gain sweet Wes' trust. In fact, he might be in love with her. (He did kill for her, after all.) Wouldn't it be kind of crazy to find out that Rebecca's been playing everybody this whole time? To find out that she's actually a blood-thirsty murderer?

I haven't come up with a possible motive just yet, but there are a few reasons to think that Rebecca may have killed Lila. For example, her first instinct when being interrogated about the crime was to confess. I think that says a lot. Did her guilty conscience get the best of her during a moment of weakness? It's possible.

Also, she hasn't always been forthcoming about her friendship with Lila. Remember when she just happened to recall on Thursday night that Lila had asked her where she got her birth control from? Why was she holding on to that crucial nugget of information for so long? It makes me wonder if she's hiding something else...

Oh, and then there's the fact that Rebecca has a former neighbor who supposedly "moved out" after suffering a nervous breakdown — but not before carving deep, fingernail-like scratches into the wall of his apartment. Did this dude really move out? Or did Rebecca just kill him because she was tired of listening to him and his girlfriend have loud sex? As Bustle's very own Leah Thomas points out, the show has called attention to the scratches a couple of times, suggesting that this mysterious former neighbor could play a crucial role in the future.

Of course, the show could end up going in another direction completely. That's the best thing about this series — there are so many possibilities (and the writers never leave you hanging for too long). Welcome back to my Thursday nights, How to Get Away with Murder.

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