11 Super Bowl Foods Inspired By Your Fave Teams

It's T-minus one day until the Super Bowl XLIX festivities begin, which means it's time to put the finishing touches on your Super Bowl party menu. You've come to the right place, because these Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots-inspired food ideas are so good, you might even win game MVP... a rare feat for someone who's never touched a pigskin! And since you’re the hostess with the mostest, that’s exactly what you’re going for. Luckily, each team is nestled amongst some pretty fantastic regional staples, so there are incredible options whether you’re rooting for the Patriots or Seahawks, and honestly it's tit for tat in terms of who does it better. With so much heat between the teams in this foodie face-off, it's hard to pick a winner — we even might have to leave the rivalry to the padded professionals on the field, except... nah! This is too much fun. So look through this list, warm up the car, head to the grocery store, and let the games begin with these 11 Seattle and New England recipes that will garner you fans of your own.

Tomorrow is going to be an intense contest, so without further ado, your starting line up...

1. "Deflated" Meatballs

Earn a few LOLs and lots of Mmmm goods from your party attendees with this recipe for Under Inflated (Meat)balls inspired by the New England's Deflate-gate controversy from the last round of the playoffs. A funny menu item regardless of who you're cheering for. (Cheaters, cough.)

2. Starbucks-Spiked Seattle Tiramisu

For better or worse, Seattle has infected the nation with a Starbucks on every street corner, so make good use of the epidemic — run out and grab some Starbucks espresso for this Seattle tiramisu recipe. This is sure to be a huge hit at your Seahawks party, especially among your latte-loving friends.

3. The Big Gronkowski

This epic burger featuring smoked bacon rounds, fried Polish sausage, and caramelized onions is named after powerhouse Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, but it could just as well be named after YOU, because this recipe is about to make you the belle of the freaking 49th Super Bowl. Seriously, your friends will #neverforget... in a good way.

4. Ginger-Scallion Salmon Burger with Miso Yogurt

Seattle's answer to The Big Gronkowski is "pshhht, whatever, we have Pike Place and our ginger-scallion salmon burger is better than your stupid hamburger could ever be." With that kind of confidence, it's hard not to be a little intimidated. Geez, we get it, your burger is fancy and awesome.

5. Boston Baked Bean Casserole with Jalapeno Corn Bread

Nothing's more Boston than baked beans, and this spicy take on the standard from Ordinary Vegan is a Super Bowl slam dunk. Home run? 50-yard down? (Ahhhh, I'm short-circuiting on my sports metaphors!) Whatever it is, it's to die for.

6. Pike Place Seared Scallop Chowder

New England doesn't have a monopoly on seafood and chowder. In fact, in that regard Seattle is the perfect competitor. This recipe for Pike Place Seared Scallop Chowder will knock the socks off the Seattle fans in your midst. And the New England fans, just shhh, don't tell them. *wink*

7. New England Clam Chowder

Chowder might not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of Super Bowl foods, but with the Patriots in the showdown, it would be crazy to leave this quintessential New England dish off the menu. Dazzle your guests with this New England clam chowder recipe from The New York Times for the field goal!

8. Seattle Grunge Chex Mix

What kind of a monster doesn't like Chex Mix? It's the three F's: festive, fun, and fast... and a D for delicious! This Seahawks-inspired Chex Mix recipe will rock your party guests' worlds. Some drunk dude might even throw his panties at you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

9. Patriotic Chex Mix

I'm not picking sides, but with white chocolate chips New England's answer to the Chex Mix question might be even better than Seattle's. Is this some kind of foodie foreshadowing of tomorrow's game results?

10. Boston Cream Pie Bites

A classic New England staple in bite-sized configurations? Sold! House of Yumm wins the Super Bowl with this recipe for Boston Cream Pie Bites. This NFL-approved finger food is perfect for your Patriots party. Also: please invite me, my sweet tooth is already salivating.

11. Go Team! Frosted Cupcakes

Look at these cute little guys! You will definitely score a touchdown with these football-frosted chocolate cupcakes. Put your team spirit into them by using icing of your chosen team's colors for the laces. Goooooo team!

Images: Nick Sotis/Flickr; theburgernerd, ordinaryvegan, thedailymeal (2), jtuck9/Twitter