Who Is Kate Gosselin's Boyfriend Jeff Prescott? 8 Things to Know About Her Businessman Beau

Kate Gosselin may be a busy woman with Kate Plus 8 back on TLC for Season 3, but that doesn't mean that Gosselin doesn't find time for romance in her life. Although she hasn't officially admitted to it, multiple sources including E! are reporting that Kate Gosselin's boyfriend is Jeff Prescott. Prescott is not a household name like Gosselin — you won't recognize him from reality TV — but he is a successful businessman. (If only Gosselin had gotten some business tips from him for Celebrity Apprentice before she was fired on the Jan. 26 episode).

People magazine reported on Jan. 15 that Gosselin said she was not dating anyone. "I get it. Everyone wants me to be dating. I hear it loud and clear. It just doesn't happen that easily, but I want it just as much as everyone else does," she said. Yet, there are other sources saying that Gosselin really is dating — and the man she is seeing is Prescott. In Dec., E! News said the two were a pair and had been spotted together since Oct. when Gosselin was filming Celebrity Apprentice in New York. Us Weekly backed up the rumors with an "insider source" saying that Gosselin and Prescott have known each other for over a year and that Prescott is "very respectful of Kate and her family."

Even though Gosselin hasn't confirmed anything about her new boyfriend the evidence is stacking up — especially since Prescott spoke to Radar Online about her and her family. Since I'm guessing the official announcement isn't far off, here are eight things Kate Plus 8 fans need to know about Prescott.

He Runs a Business

Prescott is the chief operating officer and cofounder of Dreamstime, a stock photography site. On the other hand, Gosselin's ex-husband Jon is currently a DJ. (No judgment — just stating facts. OK, let's be real, I'm always judging Jon a bit.)

He Is Quite Financially Successful

Not that Gosselin should need to benefit from it, but Prescott is reportedly quite wealthy. E! News claims that Prescott is a millionaire based on how much Dreamstime is worth.

He Is Older Than Gosselin

Although Gosselin has been on TV for years, she's only 39 years old. Prescott, on the other hand, is 51. If his maturity level matches his age, I can imagine it's a refreshing change of pace for Gosselin, considering all of the antics Jon was involved in.

He Isn't a Fan of Gosselin's Ex

Speaking of Jon, Prescott does not approve of his new girlfriend's ex. Prescott told Radar Online, "She’s a single mother with a deadbeat father in the picture and eight kids. She has a lot on her plate."

He Is Divorced

Like Gosselin, Prescott has been married and divorced. In 2006, he divorced from his wife of 19 years, Michelle Jones. Although his divorce wasn't as public as Gosselin's, In Touch published documents where Jones claimed that Prescott threatened her and was violent toward her.

And Has Three Children of His Own

Although it may not be as epic as The Brady Bunch or Yours, Mine and Ours if Gosselin and Prescott stayed together and got married, but they would have 11 children together.

He Is Generous

E! News stated Prescott is "president of the Deaf Children's Foundation, Octagon Sports Nutrition and the Nature's Youth Fit Kids Foundation, as well as director of Nature's Youth." Based on these foundations, it appears Prescott cares about children's health. (His oldest daughter Ashley is also deaf according to the paperwork Jones filed about their divorce.)

He's Starting a Business with Gosselin

Prescott told Radar Online that he will be partnering with Gosselin on a new business that will be for "single mothers who support their families." Time will tell how successful their business — and personal — relationships will turn out. Just don't expect to see Prescott on Kate Plus 8 anytime soon. Images: Giphy (8)