Meg Wolitzer's 'The Wife' Is Going To Be A Movie, And You'll Be Seeing Frances McDormand On The Big Screen

Frances McDormand’s thespian forays into film adaptations of literary fiction are great. When she plays those formidable women we love to route for, she shows us their charm without sacrificing their strength. She did it as Olive in Olive Kitteridge, Miss Pettigrew in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and Sara Gaskell in Wonder Boys. And she’s at it again. It has been announced that Frances McDormand will join Glenn Close in a film adaptation of Meg Wolitzer’s 2003 novel The Wife.

The Wife tells the story of Joan Castleman, the wife of a literary giant and a woman who gave up her own writing career for the sake of her husband’s. On a plane to Helsinki (said husband is receiving the high-falutin fiction prize they give you in Helsinki), Joan looks back on her life and wonders why she sacrificed her own chance for such an accolade, for such a life.

Joan's memories recall a young tweedy fiction writer who would become the drippy-cheese eating man-of-the-world sitting next to her, a younger self too timid to take the risk, and a mentor — a college professor at Smith College — who might have helped her be great.

Glenn Close will star as Joan, with Jonathan Pryce (you might know him as the father in Pirates of the Caribbean) as her husband Joe, Christian Slater as his biographer, and Frances McDormand as the bold yet charming Smith professor who once mentored her.

The Wife is one of 10 novels by Meg Wolitzer, whose most recent books include 2013's bestseller The Interestings and Belzhar, a YA novel released last year. In an interview with Bustle, Wolitzer teased the idea of a future television series based on The Interestings , but said she won't be writing screenplays.

“I really like the interiority of novels. I’m a fiction [book] writer through and through.”

According to IMDB, The Wife will begin filming this fall.