Rose Byrne Joins 'X-Men Apocalypse,' So What Does This Mean For Her Character?

Here's some good news for Marvel fans: Entertainment Weekly reports that Rose Byrne will appear in X-Men Apocalypse . According to the report, the 35-year-old actress has officially signed on to reprise her role as CIA officer Moira MacTaggert, which she originally held in 2011's X-Men First Class.

Apocalypse isn't scheduled to hit theaters for another year and a half, which isn't too far off (by Marvel standards, anyway — I mean, there won't be a new Guardians Of the Galaxy until 2017, so I consider a year and a half basically no wait at all), but the anticipation is still palpable due to the five-year gap between the films. And, it doesn't help that screenwriter Simon Kinberg was a little less than forthcoming about the details during his recent interview with EW .

Thankfully, though, he was generous enough to confirm that MacTaggert's memory loss from First Class will be a huge part of the storyline: "She’s a significant character in the movie," Kinberg said. "We ended First Class with Charles having wiped portions of her memory of her experience with the X-Men. They are, essentially, strangers to her when she meets them."

Hmm...this is interesting. Pardon me for temporarily bypassing the action to focus on the romance, but if she can't recall the kiss she shared with Professor Charles Xavier, things are bound to get a bit strange between the two of them. Anyway, Kinberg promised that whatever takes place between Xavier and MacTaggert is just beginning to blossom, but it turns out that her mutant cohorts won't be the only unfamiliar territory the agent faces: Kinberg revealed that Apocalypse (as its name suggests) will take a 20-year leap forward into the future away from the 1962 setting of First Class.

OK so that's not a ton of additional info, but it's way less confusing than the whole Storn/Storm madness involving Alexandra Shipp's role in the film, right?

Ah well...way to keep everyone on edge!

X-Men Apocalypse hits theaters on May 27, 2016.

Image: Marvel, Giphy