Watch 'Parenthood' Finale Deleted Scenes & Prepare To Get Emotional All Over Again — VIDEOS

Last Thursday's Parenthood had a pretty amazing and emotional finale, but it turns out it could have had an even more tear-worthy final episode. NBC has released several deleted Parenthood finale scenes and they'll make you feel all the feelings. The three cut scenes run the emotional gamut from funny to sweet to sad — you know, just like a regular Parenthood episode.

One of the scenes if the much talked about return of John Corbett's character Seth. Drew and Amber's absentee father shows up to meet his new grandson and promises Amber he'll be a better grandfather to baby Zeek than he was a father. Cue all the tears. It's a sweet moment of redemption for his character. And I'm sure Corbett is glad that fans will get to see the scene after all because he was pretty upset that it was cut.

"I got a bad call from [Parenthood creator] Jason Katims two nights ago—they had to cut my great scene," he told reporters at the Television Critics Association a week before the finale aired. "They flew me all the way from New York [to Los Angeles] to do a scene with Lauren [Graham], and God, it was such a good scene. I got to see [Amber’s] baby and they had to cut it for time. I was super bummed."

But now NBC has given us the chance to see it after all.

One of the other deleted scenes features the Braverman siblings and their parents gathered around the dinner table to make fun of Sarah and her history of questionable boyfriend choices. "You're still on the sex crimes list for [Mr. Cyr] aren't you?" Crosby says, teasing his sister over her May/December romance with her daughter's teacher. "Oh my god, he's not that much younger than me!" she retorts. It's a wonderful example of the Braverman family at their finest, just hanging out and having fun. It's one of the reasons I'll miss this show so much. But at least we have the deleted scene to remind us of all those good times.

The final scene is a really sweet one between Hank and his daughter where she tells him how happy she is that he's getting married. For a teenage girl to tell her father anything of that significance is really special. Aaaannnd...I'm back to crying. Parenthood, you get me every time, even when you're off the air.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC