Make Your Own Super Bowl Halftime Show With These 12 Amazing Performances — VIDEOS

If you frequently check "other" on surveys, this my friends, is for you. So yeah, it's the Super Bowl, which is great because who doesn't love seven layer dip? But, for some of us, the big event isn't the game, it's the half time show. But this isn't American Idol, and we don't get to choose who performs for us in the coveted time slot. This factoid can either anger you as you sit cross armed on your friends sofa, or, you and your pals can do something about it and make your own Super Bowl half time show.

No, I don't want you to put on a bedazzled leotard and straddle a folding chair in front of your house guests. Beyonce has more than got that covered (and it's way harder than it looks). But, you can have your own little half time concert by playing these amazing performances on your screen rather than tuning into Katy Perry's performance that may or may not involve whipped cream sprouting from a variety of body parts.

Drum roll, please. Here are 12 songs to make your halftime show everything that the televised one won't be:

Beyonce At The 2011 Billboard Awards

Not sure of a better way to start off any show, tbh.

Beyonce At The 2006 VMAs

Beyonce whenever, for that matter.

Christina, Mya, P!nk, Lil' Kim Performing "Lady Marmalade" AKA The Best Song To Exist Ever

To bring back some early 2000's vibes to this modern day halftime show jam sesh.

Lady Gaga When She Was Reborn From That Egg Thing At The 2011 Grammys

LadyGagaVEVO on YouTube

Because your halftime show needs some theatricality...

Britney, Christina, Madonna, & Missy Eliot At The 2003 VMAs

ernesto villa on YouTube

...And shock value. THE KISS, guys, THE KISS.

P. Diddy, Usher, Busta Rhymes, & Pharrell At The 2002 VMAs

ZorLuuo6 on YouTube

This should be shown at all major events, really. The State of the Union, bar mitzvahs, town hall meetings...

Christina Aguilera's James Brown Tribute

It's no accident that this is her third time on this list. Girl kills it and she makes everything so much better.

Janet Jackson's Tribute Performance To Michael Jackson

A perfect time in your halftime show party to get up and jam along. If you were somehow incapacitated previously.

Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert At The CMA's

Throw in a little country flavor and some girl power to boot.

Amy Winehouse At The 2008 BRIT Awards

Spermato on YouTube

Her flawless voice makes up for her lack of showstopping dance moves.

Justin Timberlake Slaying The VMAs/N'SYNC reunion

karl ryan on YouTube

To bring your halftime show audience to tears.

"I'm a Slave 4 u" AKA Brit Brit & THE SNAKE

Because it's a crowd pleaser. Obvs.