'The Bachelor' Standout Ashley S. Posted a Possible Engagement Instagram

I may have been the only one, but I truly loved Ashley S. on The Bachelor . Obviously, she wasn't a good match for Chris Soules — mostly because he had absolutely zero idea how to react to her — but if you didn't think she was entertaining, you're kidding yourself. When she wasn't being insightful and waxing poetic about onions, she was luring kittens under fences and thinking about the meaning of life and the Mesa Verde Dome. I understand how her, um, kooky personality could turn someone off, and I definitely don't blame Chris for eliminating her if he felt zero chemistry, but that doesn't mean I wasn't keeping my fingers crossed hoping she'd stick around. In a mansion full of women who were all competing for Chris' affection, Ashley was unaffected by the drama and quite literally lived in her own little world. But now that she's left The Bachelor , what's Ashley S. doing?

Unfortunately, Ashley S. is pretty mum on social media, but The Stir did pick up on an Instagram in which Ashley appeared to be wearing an engagement ring:

And here she is, with the aforementioned @mikeycee3:

And last Monday night (the night that Chris sent her home), she posted this on Instagram:

Even if she's not engaged (and just happens to wear rings on her ring finger while embracing her partner in crime), I can't help but hope this means she's not giving up on love, even though Prince Farming didn't have any chemistry with her. There is a guy out there who understands you, Ashley. He sees the onions where the pomegranates are. He has the layers. Go forth, and find him (or maybe, just maybe, you already have). If you ever get bored, call me up. I will meet you for drinks and overpriced steak any day of the week, and we can trash your fellow contestants like any good reality TV fan would.

And since Ashley isn't too forthcoming about what that ring on her finger means, I'm envisioning a wonderful future for her. In my dream world, she's not engaged and ABC makes her the next Bachelorette. I know she's not the conventional pick, but this woman makes for excellent television, and I, for one, would love to see her find her true match. If not? She'd better appear on Bachelor in Paradise. I am not playing with you this time, ABC. I will send letters.

And in the meantime? Let's remember Ashley the way she would want us to remember her: In her prime.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC