Is Mackenzie Too Young For 'Bachelor' Chris? Not In Real Years, But She Seems To Be On A Different Level

I wish I was the kind of person who could objectively watch reality shows like The Bachelor without judgment, but I am not wired that way — and in fact, maybe that's why it's so much fun to watch. I'm sure that, off camera, most of these women are nothing like they appear on TV. ABC is notorious for their creative editing. Plus, living in the fishbowl of booze and emotions that is the Bach mansion brings out the worst in people. But according to everything I've seen from Mackenzie, she seems a little too young at heart. She may have won the first (unofficial) one-on-one date with Chris Soules, but I have serious doubts about her compatibility with our beloved farmer. At 21, Mackenzie is physically the youngest contestant on The Bachelor , but it's her even younger mental age that has me concerned.

At first, I expected a lot from her. Like most people her age, at age 21, I was sleeping 'til noon, procrastinating on college papers, and spending all of my extra money on clothes and concert tickets — definitely not mature enough to get married and start a life with someone, especially with someone more than ten years older than me. And since Mackenzie is already a mother, I expected her to be wise beyond her years and have so far been totally disappointed. Age is just a number, baby, but when maturity isn't on your side, it makes that number carry that much more weight.

All The Alien Talk

At first, I thought Mackenzie was super cute... and then she and Chris grabbed drinks during the first group date of the season and I realized that her adorableness stemmed from the fact that she acts like she's six years old. At an opportunity to impress Chris, she bizarrely started talking about how she believes in aliens, making everyone involved (mainly Chris, and me, on the couch) feel super uncomfortable. It's not that she wanted to talk about aliens. It's that she had, like, ten minutes to chat with Chris one on one, and this was on her list of important topics.

Her View of Virginity

The second Ashley I. brought up the fact that she was a virgin (the first time of many), Mackenzie was instantly jealous. Yes, jealous. She was atwitter about how men love virgins and how Chris is going to be so excited that Ashley I. is a virgin. Ugh. We can all agree that's awful, yes?

The way she treats the idea of being a virgin points to the fact that mentally, she's still pretty immature. She wishes she was a virgin because she thinks Chris will find that especially attractive? Most adults tend to understand that this just isn't how this stuff works.

Bragging About Kissing Chris

You know that friend in high school who had a crush on the same boy as you, kissed him when you weren't around, and then bragged about it to your face? When Mackenzie told the other women she'd kissed Chris five times, that was the exact vibe I got from her.

The Way She Pointed Out Chris' "Big Nose"

I know she thought it was attractive, but... Mackenzie. This is not how to do a first date. No one wants to hear "I like you because you have this obnoxious feature that is generally deemed unattractive!" alongside a stream of giggles. Not at all.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy (4)