This Little Girl Singing "Old McDonald" Is The Cute Thing You Deserve Today Because It's Cold And You're Fighting The Good Fight — VIDEO

You're allowed to have feelings about last night's Super Bowl halftime show, but whatever they are, put them on pause for a hot second, because they are about to be rendered totally irrelevant by this video of a little girl singing the cutest rendition "Old McDonald" you will ever lay eardrums on. I know what you're thinking: You've seen lots of cute toddlers in your lifetime, and you have quite possibly heard this song so many times that if you hear the vowels "E I E I O" strung together one more time, you might lose it (such is the woe of every former babysitter)—but I'm telling you that this version is different. This one is the actual, definitive, inarguable cutest.

Like a fine cheese, this video only gets better with time. Someone has gifted this small human with a hand puppet which features all the animals in the song, and her fearless commitment to portraying them is what takes this to the next level. Just when you are emotionally destroyed by the most precious "WOOF WOOF!" that has ever graced your ears, you will get figuratively body-slammed by the quacking that follows. Brace yourself before you proceed, friends.

Eric Palonen on YouTube

Image: YouTube