Taylor Swift Brings Ellen Pompeo & Mariska Hargitay Together IRL, Because Cats — PHOTO

There are a lot of things Taylor Swift is capable of that your average person is not. Her many talents include things like making zillons of dollars, creating mystery around her own belly button, and flawlessly baking delicious-looking desserts. But now, it's time to add another superpower of hers to the list: bringing beloved TV actors together for posed photographs that pretty much blow our minds. If you know anything about Swift, it's that she has two cats: Meredith, who's named for Meredith Grey of Grey's Anatomy, and Olivia, named for Law & Order SVU's Olivia Benson. And over the weekend, this fact made something magical happen. Ellen Pompeo and Mariska Hargitay posed for a photo together when they ran into each other at the Super Bowl, effectively making Swift's head (and mine) explode.

And obviously, Hargitay posted the pic on Instagram, and totally admitted they took the pic just for Swift, complete with cat-related hashtags. Swift immediately responded by reposting the photo and revealing her plans to frame it. And can you blame her? I can imagine how she's feeling. My cats are named Rapunzel and Flynn after one of my favorite Disney couples, and I would flip out if Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi sent me a picture of themselves together in honor of my cats.

Now that we know Swift can bring people like Hargitay and Pompeo together, it's time to see what else she can do. Swift, if you decide to get more cats, I have a few names ready for you. Let's make these alliances happen!

Matthew Perry & Courteney Cox

Since Swift is a huge fan of Friends, this one shouldn't be too much of a stretch. With cats named Chandler and Monica, she could end up creating a reunion of one of my favorite TV couples ever. Although they're occasionally spotted together, it's been a while. I need more!

Lauren Graham & Alexis Bledel

Another reunion that is absolutely necessary. I have no idea if Swift likes Gilmore Girls, but I bet she totally would if she watched it. And rewatching all of the episodes on Netflix has made me that much more desperate for the cast to reunite. Lorelai and Rory would make adorable cat names, don't you think?

Ellen Pompeo & Kerry Washington

Since Swift is such a Shondaland fan, this one ought to be a piece of cake. I know Swift already has an Olivia Benson, but an Olivia Pope would be a solid addition. She can call this one Liv. I need to see Meredith and Olivia hanging out. I need it.

Sophia Bush & Katie Holmes

Everybody's favorite WB teen classics (One Tree Hill and Dawson's Creek) brought together again. Seriously, Brooke Davis and Joey Potter together would make the most early '00s girl power photo ever. They're also excellent cat names.

Hilary Duff & Adam Lamberg

Seriously, who wouldn't want Lizzie and Gordo cats?! Tell me. And also, Swift and Hilary Duff are already obsessed with each other. This is totally doable.

Ellen Pompeo & Sandra Oh

Sticking with our Shondaland theme, a third cat named Cristina wouldn't be horrible, would it? And now that Oh is no longer on Grey's, seeing her and Pompeo back together would be that much sweeter. Even better if Swift buys her cats matching "You're my person" t-shirts.

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