Nathan Fillion Cameos on ‘Big Bang Theory’, So May the Geek Outs Be With You!

Get ready to completely geek out, my friends, because Nathan Fillion is scheduled to appear on The Big Bang Theory later this month! The actor, who currently stars in the ABC popular hit drama Castle , will take time out of his crime-solving agenda to make a special cameo playing himself on the CBS sitcom, Entertainment Weekly exclusively reports. The episode, which will air on Feb. 19, will focus on Raj and Leonard, who spot Fillion at a restaurant and debate whether or not they should ask him for a picture — a dilemma we have all faced in regards to celebrity run-ins.

However, as we all know, this isn't just any Hollywood star. Fillion has been an idol of our lovable nerds for quite some time now, given how much they've referenced Firefly (one of Fillion's more career iconic roles) throughout the series. In fact, Sheldon has brought up Firefly's unjust cancelation on multiple occasions (a fact I quite agree with, by the way). So for Raj and Leonard to have the opportunity to meet Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the flesh should prove to be a very exciting (not to mention extremely hilarious) encounter. Plus, it's also bound to make Sheldon Cooper incredibly jealous. (See a sneak peek below!)

So as a way to help commemorate such a thrilling guest star appearance, I thought it would be fun to predict how each Big Bang Theory member would individually react upon seeing Fillion face-to-face. May the freak outs be with you!

Sheldon Would Act Indifferent

But we all know deep down he'd be completely fangirling out over the whole situation and debating on how to go about getting Fillion's autograph. (Sounds like another restraining order could be in the works if you ask me. Bazinga!)

Leonard Would Have a Panic Attack

I mean, this is Nathan Fillion we're talking about here! Don't act like any one of you wouldn't do the exact same thing (at least internally). Now someone get that boy his inhaler!

Penny Would Be Completely Shocked

Sci-fi fanatic or not, even she can recognize true star power when she sees it.

Raj Would Start Drinking

And say really awkward yet hilarious things.

How Would Brag About It To Everyone

He'd also totally relate with Fillion about the whole "celebrity" thing. He is, after all, an astronaut.

Bernadette Would Be Flirty

Howard who?

And Amy Would Be Super Shy

Oh, you know, just soaking in that Fillion goodness. NBD.

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