'Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue Is Here!

It's that time of year when all of the best-looking and most talented actors in Hollywood get together, and the 2015 Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue cover does not disappoint. Channing Tatum is front and center with Amy Adams perched on his shoulder — or as he jokes, "wearing" Adams — with Reese Witherspoon in front of them, and they are all wearing glamourous gowns and tuxes that scream "award season." Another part of the cover has both The Theory of Everything's Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne with Selma's David Oyelowo and Benedict Cumberbatch, and the last features Whiplash's Miles Teller and A Most Violent Year's Oscar Isaac lounging on American Sniper star Sienna Miller. Almost half of the actors in this issue actually weren't nominated for Oscars on their own, and Oyelowo is the only black actor on the entire cover. Compared to 2014's, which had six people of color, this year's is very white-washed.

Annie Leibovitz shot the cover as usual — she's only missed three in Vanity Fair's 21 years of doing them — and went for an intimate glimpse at the stars. The magazine also got up close and personal with the actors when they revealed their childhood nicknames, which will have me calling Channing Tatum "Channimal" for the rest of my life. Two other adorable tidbits? Oscar Isaac was called Oscar the Grouch as a kid, and Benedict Cumberbatch goes by "Benny." Check out the cover and the video below!