Luke Was "Not That Good At Goodbye" on 'Nashville,' Proving He's Officially the Absolute Worst

Whelp, I think we all can officially agree on one thing: Rayna definitely dodged a bullet by calling off that wedding because Wednesday's Nashville midseason premiere "I'm Not That Good At Goodbye" proved once and for all that Luke Wheeler is the absolute worst. Seriously, though, this guy is just plain awful. Granted, I was never really a huge fan of his to begin with, but his recent antics have now firmly solidified his jerk-like status. You see, in keeping with the episode title, this country crooner demonstrated that he too is not that good at goodbyes… or rejection for that matter.

Instead of handling the wedding cancelation like a mature adult, Luke immediately barged into Deacon's house, blaming him for Rayna's change of heart. And while his assumption is not totally without merit, the fact that he referred to Rayna as a "bitch" is what really got under my skin. Of course, Deacon, being the true gentleman that he is, immediately came to Rayna's defense, which resulted in a full-on brawl right in the front yard. That is, until Scarlett broke the fight up. (Seriously, what the heck, girl? Your uncle was winning!)

However, Luke's reign of terror did not end there. He also made sure to send Rayna the bill for the entire wedding and made a point of hinting that all of the success she'd garnered that year was all thanks to her association with him. (Because, you know, her legendary talent had nothing to do with it.) And to top it off, he threw a party for 500 hundred of his fans right where the wedding was supposed to take place, completely turning the whole ordeal into a publicity stunt. Even his kids couldn't stand their father's behavior and left to go spend time with Maddie and Daphne. The saddest thing is, he didn't even seem to notice they were gone. I mean, great parenting skills, Wheeler. Really top notch.

Look, I get it. His heart is broken and therefore he's lashing out. But come on, man. Nothing excuses behavior like that. I don't care if she is your ex-fiancée — to have the gall to say that you're the reason her career is doing so well is not only petty, but it's also ridiculous. Granted, we've seen glimpses of this side of him before during the CMA Awards, but this childish behavior took things to a whole new level. If Rayna had any doubts as to whether or not she was making the right decision, I guarantee she doesn't anymore. At least now she can move on to bigger and better things.


Images: Mark Levine/ABC; gotta-love-tv/Tumblr