You'll Hardly Recognize Kylie As A Blonde

Whoa! Who's that girl, the blonde with the anime-esque doe eyes and the extreme winged liner? Oh, it's just Kylie Jenner. Okay, so maybe the deep, dark, and expertly lined lips gave it away, since those are totally Kylie. But for the most part, Kylie Jenner is unrecognizable as a blonde. The reality starlet posted a sneak peek at her LOVE magazine shoot and she's topped by a buttery blonde wig with bangs and is flashing wide, innocent eyes. Is it me or does anyone else think her eyes look a bit like Ariana Grande's? Anyone? Anyone?

Seriously, though, I wouldn't know it was Kylie Jenner (if I didn't know it was Kylie Jenner). I bet Khloe Kardashian or any of her other sisters would do a double-take and be like, "Whoa!" Her look is that transformed. I think it's those anime eyes. They're so huge and expressive, thanks to the extreme tip of the liner and the way the lashes are placed, and how the forehead fringe calls attention to them. For once, I am focusing on a feature other than her lips. But those are pretty defined and pretty Kylie-specific, too.

Jenner notes that the LOVE shoot is coming soon, but other than that, we're pretty much left to gawk at this photo. I am interested in other images, the styling, the set, and the clothes!

Let's look at Ari's eyes for comparison, too! So doe-like!

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1); Ariana Grande/Instagram (1)