Lauren Conrad's Candle Line Features Birthday Cake And Champagne Scents — Here Are 4 Things We Thought It Would Smell Like Instead

Lauren Conrad has her signatures, many of which caused her to be labeled a "basic bitch" by some. So what if she favors the simple and accessible, right? Who doesn't have a preference for basics in certain areas of life? It's no shock that Lauren Conrad's candle line, available via The Little Market, reflects her love of clean white surfaces, fresh flowers, and decadent (but not too decadent) treats.

The Conrad-backed candles are comprised of a soy blend wax and boast a cotton wick. They will burn for 30 hours. According to Domain Home, the candles are handmade by Burmese and Bhutanese refugee women employed by Prosperity Candle, which absolutely rules and is the reason that I would purchase one for my crib. Each candle even features the John Hancock of the artist who made it. So there's all those awesome elements.

And then there are the mouth-watering scents: birthday cake, champagne, cinnamon, lemon and lavender, peony, chocolate, and rose. These odors generally have mass appeal and blend nicely with LC's soft and pleasant aesthetic.

But, deep down in my blackened heart of hearts, I thought LC's candle collection might have looked a little, well, different. I wasn't thinking anything edgy or eyebrow-raising, like the smell of unicorn tears or pixie dust personally harvested from, say, Rihanna's skin, since LC doesn't travel in the lane of the bizarre, well, ever.

But since her IG feed is such an exercise in basic (beautiful basic, but still) I thought her candle scents might reflect that beyond the to-be-expected inclusion of things like rose and cinnamon. Here are four other whiff-worthy scents I was thinking LC's marketplace might sell! She can totally feel free to take my ideas and run with them, too.

1. Paris

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Paris is the fashion capital, so we'd expect a fashion-conscious designer such as LC to be inspired by the smells of French air… maybe pain au chocolat? A freshly baked croissant? Food-y smells are certainly a big thing in home décor, soo...

2. Fresh Linen And Cotton

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

LC's Instagram is loaded with images of really clean-looking things. I'm talking just laundered! Even her dog beds look like a pet boutique ad, with nary an errant hair embedded in the fabric or an "Oops!" pee stain nearby. I would expect to walk into her home and be intoxicated from inhaling the scent of warm linens and cotton. Ahh!

4. Leather


LC is a married woman now, so she'd need to add some masculine touches. While I don't expect her to have a man cave in her basement, I'd think her hubby's "rooms" would feature candles with notes of leather to dude the place up in a classy way.

4. Laguna Beach

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Because duh. LC got famous based on her zip code in So Cal and the fact that she is a quintessential Cali girl. The salty beach air from her hometown should be bottled and sold for a variety of purposes, from hair spritz to aura, or repurposed as an ocean spray-scented candle. Chilly nights ain't no thang, either! That's where the bonfire comes in.

Images: The Little Market via Domaine Home (1); Getty (4)