Adidas' New App Lets You Reserve Limited Edition Sneakers, Just In Time For The Kanye West Line

You already knew all the deets about Kanye West's much-anticipated collaboration with Adidas that'll finally be debuting at New York Fashion Week. But do you know how to get your hands on that covetable footwear? Well, now there's an app for that. But this isn't all about Kanye (despite what he may think). The new Adidas Confirmed app will have your back anytime you need a new pair of sneaks.

The future is now and it has brought us some pretty fly kicks. Confirmed will let users know when a pair of sneakers in their size has hit a nearby store via push notifications. It also allows them to reserve a pair before they all get snatched up by the public and pickup them up at a designated time. Aren't you glad you're reading this? If you didn't, you could've been caught — gasp — waiting in line with all those plebs who aren't in the know.

For now, the app only works in the New York City area — which makes sense since Kanye's line is hitting NYFW on February 12th — but the company plans on expanding the app to other cities and states in the near future.

Until then, looks like majority of the country is just going to have to find limited edition Adidas the old fashioned way. What is this, like, 1949?!

Images: Getty Images, adidasoriginals/Twitter