Oliver & Felicity Reunite on 'Arrow,' But It Wasn't the Welcome Home We Expected or Wanted

Let's start off with a bit of good news, shall we? Oliver Queen has returned to Starling City. But unfortunately not everyone was ready to welcome him back with open arms. During Wednesday's Arrow episode "Uprising" Felicity and Oliver hit the biggest road block in their relationship yet. (Which is really saying something considering their very first date consisted of a bomb explosion. Love is hard, you guys.) Though their initial reunion started off alright, things quickly escalated when Oliver announced that he would be working with Malcolm Merlyn in order to take down Ra's al Ghul for good. And given how much Felicity has made her feelings about the Dark Archer more than well known, especially throughout this episode, she was extremely disappointed with Oliver's decision.

In fact, one of the main reasons Team Arrow didn't accept Merlyn's help in the first place was because Felicity was adamant in thinking that it was something Oliver would not approve of. And now, here he is, willing to jump in bed (metaphorically) with not just an enemy, but the man truly responsible for Sara Lance's murder — a woman Oliver had once claimed to love. (If you recall, before leaving to face Ra's, his final words to Felicity were that he loved her.) But given all that tends to happen with the women he cares most about, she wants no part of it anymore. “I don’t want to be a woman that you love," she tells him. And just like that, our Olicity hopes have once again been crushed.

I mean, I totally get what she's saying though. She was hoping that after everything Oliver's been through he'd gain a brand new perspective on life and make different choices about his future. (Like, for starters, letting her be a part of it.) But now he's fraternizing with someone she's long considered to be a very bad man. She expected something better from Oliver. Something more. And she's right, of course. But I still can't help but be disappointed by the whole thing. I was hoping for another epic kiss, but instead I'm starting to wonder if these star-crossed lovers will ever find their way back to each other.

Now, if you'll excuse me, a carton of ice cream is calling my name.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; oliver-and-felicity/Tumblr