If 'Friends' Were About 20-Somethings In 2015, It Would Look Exactly Like This Rebooted Opening Sequence — VIDEO

Congratulations! If you're reading this, that means you either managed to tear yourself away from Friends on Netflix for more than a minute (or you're multi-tasking while watching it like a champ) so you deserve some major kudos. It's no surprise that we all succumbed to this vortex of time-wasting, seeing as the characters will never stop being relatable, and we'll never not be obsessed with these stories we have memorized. But what if the characters were even more relatable? Like, if they lived in the present day? That's what this Nerdist parody of a 'Friends' reboot explores, and the results are hilariously depressing.

Yes, it's been a little over twenty years since the premiere of Friends (old: we are becoming it), but as we are all well aware, a ton has changed since then. There are so many plot twists in that show that would have gone down differently if the characters had modern technology. But let's consider for a moment whether or not modern technology would allow for a plot at all. Let's be real here: When is the last time you hung out in a coffee shop with your best friends and talked about the goings on in your lives and your actual human feelings? (Texting them doesn't count!) It's been a while, if you can even remember it happening at all.

Nay, this parody shows us the cold hard reality of what a Friends show would look like set in modern 2015: Whining about Tinder and almond milk lattes, ignoring the people around you in favor of your phone screen, and the perils of having a vegan roommate (as we all invariably do at some point). Some of the best, most truthful lyrics it has to offer: "I'll be there for you/If you shoot me a text first/I'll be there for you/Taking phone calls is the worst." IT'S. TOO. REAL.

I encourage you all to take a 90-second break from your Netflix binge so we can raise awareness about our 2015 selves and be the Rachels, Monicas, Phoebes, Rosses, Chandlers and Joeys that we all once aspired to be:

Image: Nerdist; Giphy (1)