How to Watch The Grammys *And* Your Fav AMC Shows

Okay, fellow TV addicts: This Sunday is a doozy. We're being treated to quite the overflowing cornucopias of television on Sunday night, and the question is not what to watch (because that's already decided; we have to watch all of it) — it's how to watch it all in one night. I mean, the much-heralded two-night premiere of Better Call Saul is starting, The Walking Dead is airing its Season 5 midseason premiere, and the Grammys are going to be on — it's not like we can miss any of those things, right? Looks like we're going to have to get resourceful...

I mean, seriously: How is a girl to prioritize? Personally, I'm a die-hard Breaking Bad fan, and I've heard that Better Call Saul is somehow simultaneously more sad and more funny, so I'm pretty excited for that. But then again, I want to watch Ariana Grande perform live as Taylor Swift dances awkwardly in the audience... and I'm crazy to know what's next for Rick Grimes & Co. as well. As conundrums go, it's not a bad place to be in (it sure is nice to have all the TV cups runnething over for once), but it still does pose a bit of a problem, especially if you've got to head into work early on Monday morning — so here are some tips on how to cope!

1. DVR Is Your Friend

Look: The Grammys are from 8:00 to 11:30; The Walking Dead is on at 9:00, and Better Call Saul starts at 10:00. There's a lot of overlap here, and the best way to minimize commercial watching time is through your DVR and a little schedule flexibility. The way I see it, you could watch the Grammys from 8 to 9, then switch over to AMC channel for some back to back TWD and BCS, then chase it all with the last 2 1/2 hours of the Grammys (actually, more like 2 hours, sans commercials).

See? It's all about flexibility and fast-forwarding!

2. Livestreams Are Also Your Friends

If you're lucky enough to be on PST (or even CST), you can get a jump on things by watching the Grammys on a livestream — I mean, 8 EST is 5 PST, so you could potentially be done with the Grammys by 9:30, with plenty of time to get to your pre-recorded Walking Dead.

3. A Word to the Wise

If you do decide to go on a five-hour-plus TV marathon (and out of order at that), be sure to avoid all forms of social media like the plague, because there will be spoilers — and if you're devoted enough to the cause to watch all three in one night, you deserve to enjoy it all spoiler-free.

Happy watching!

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