Where To Buy Kate Spade Saturday After It Closes

by Kelly Dougher

With the news that Kate Spade Saturday is closing (along with Kate Spade's menswear brand Jack Spade) after only two years of business, fans of the lower-priced sister label of Kate Spade have been cycling through the five stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining... Wait, wait, WAIT: Back it up to stage #1, denial, because it doesn't have to be this way. You can still buy Kate Spade Saturday, because the brand will exist somewhere other than our hearts, even though the physical stores are closing.

Although all Kate Spade Saturday stores will shutter their doors by June, that doesn't mean that items from the more casual and affordable spin-off will disappear entirely. First of all, you still have six months to snap up Kate Spade Saturday items online. (Whereas Jack Spade will continue to be sold online, even after the stores close.) Plus, with the brand closing down, we're pretty much guaranteed to get some really sweet sales in a couple of months, right? Already there are tons of pretty dresses, pants, shoes, and basically everything else you could want in the sale section. Not to mention, the full price items are still really reasonable (especially compared to regular Kate Spade), and there are plenty of adorable items still available (like my personal favorites below below). Sorry for completely ruining your New Year's resolution to save more money.

Left to right: The Four Colorblock Mini A Satchel, $175,; Zip Ankle Boots in Deer Dot Calf Hair, $206,; Initial Crewneck Sweatshirt, $95,

The biggest ray of light however, is that Kate Spade stores will be absorbing a portion of the Saturday line. According to executives, some items from the Saturday line will still be sold at Kate Spade New York stores. Now that's reason to celebrate.

And if that's not enough to get your Kate Spade Saturday fix, don't forget that you can still be a savvy shopper and hunt out bargains online. Amazon and eBay always have new and used items from the line available, although expect those prices to soar once the line is closed for good. Better get shopping now, Kate Spade Saturday fans.

Image: ks_saturday/Instagram