Girl Sings The ABCs In The Most Metal Way Possible

As only a novice in early childhood education (I unsuccessfully attempted to teach my then 8-month-old nephew to crawl for about half an hour once), I cannot confidently comment on the difficulty of a toddler learning the alphabet. However, I imagine it's fairly tricky. I'm not sure how blazing fast, thrashing metal instruments facilitate or slow the process, but this little girl singing her ABCs to metal music seems to find the back-up helpful to her learning process. We suspected metal had a place in young children's lives, but this certainly confirms the educational benefits inherent in the harsh genre.

This video showcases several valiant attempts to blast through the alphabet with a fitting scowl fixed to the small girl's face. It's kind of hard to be convincingly sinister while wearing that pink bear hoodie thing, but damn if little sis doesn't give it a hell of a shot. It gets really good about 15 seconds in. Check out the way she knits her tiny eyebrows while perched in her papa's lap, head banging with such a degree of adorable that I previously never knew was possible. Sure, we've witnessed sort of the opposite of this when we saw a mom participating in her kid's metal band. But imagine this kind of facilitation so early in life. I see a promising future here, guys. This is good parenting.

Listen, there is an endless variety of teaching styles, and everyone learns in different ways. I applaud this smart dad in recognizing and exploring this route to early phonics (even if his actual motive most likely was to record a viral video, aka, the reason we have kids now). If it inspires just one additional child to learn its ABCs in such a fashion, I'll go ahead and consider that a success.

I'm super curious how the rest of his daughter's life will begin to unfurl. Soon enough she'll start school and begin to socialize. She, like all people, will grow into a point in which she'll develop a personality separate from her parents'. That's pretty rad. Will she be the next pre-pre-teen to growl along to machine gun drums in an actually listenable way? Who knows. But my money is on a hard maybe.

Image: YouTube