Grindcore Band Member's Mom Screams on New Track

Metal, it seems, truly is accessible across all generations, with even the moms of grindcore bands getting in on the screaming action. Canadian band CORRUPT LEADERS recently outsourced lead vocal duties to frontman Rain Forest's 66-year-old mother during a recording session, and she didn't fail to offer up some furious yowls to the gods of rock. And boy, did they accept. Although this all sounds very quaint and precious in theory—and certainly when you watch the video of the recording process—the actual finished product is just as fierce as the rest of the band's venomous crustpunk catalogue.

The recording session appears to go down in what looks like a log cabin of sorts. The metal mom stands front and center in an unassuming gray hoodie. "Do I just..." she says, sweetly trailing off, before lurching into a warm-up banshee howl. Upon playback, she and off-camera folks have a little giggle. "I'll try to make it not sound like I'm having a sh-t," she says. Oh?

Machine-gun kickdrums pummel alongside demon-shredding guitar as she takes a deep inhale. Face scrunched, microphone tightly clasped, she repeatedly bellows in a shriek that clearly says, "Let's all keep challenging our stereotypes of women and our preconceived notions about motherhood!" (What, that's not what you heard?) The preliminary mix actually doesn't sound too rough. If you didn't know that it was Forest's mother was behind the bat-outta-hell vocal work, you likely would never guess it. One YouTube user described Momma Forest's contribution as "brutal pipes." Truth! CORRUPT LEADERS say they plan to include the track on an upcoming album, which makes total sense—after all, isn't metal all about the love?

Wow. Talk about supportive, totally cool parents. I wonder if they'll invite Momma Forest on tour. After all, who better to have in the van than your mom? ...Right? Guys?