Tom Hiddleston's 15 Best Suit Photos Prove No One Rocks Formal-Wear Like He Does — PHOTOS

Winter can be so dreary. So grey. So desolate. But, just when you think you're at the deepest depth of your Seasonal Affective Disorder and there's no hope in sight...something miraculous happens and suddenly the world doesn't seem so cold: Earlier today, that very thing was a look at Tom Hiddleston in the upcoming thriller, High Rise. (Needless to say, it was flawless.)

True to Hiddleston's own classic style, the look in the film was sleek, suave, and oh-so-sexy. High Rise takes place in an exclusive, wait for it....high-rise apartment complex for the rich and richer. Hiddleston plays a doctor who becomes beleaguered in his pursuit of luxury and status, but he soon gets caught up in the violent nature of his "neighbors."

Considering Hiddleston has a knack for playing the villains you love to love, I have no doubt he'll make the dubious turn in High Rise all the more exciting. And to keep all of our blood pumping, let's take a look at our favorite well-tailored British import, because it's Friday and it sure is cold out there. What better way to welcome the weekend and get through the winter blues than with Tom Hiddleston looking incredible amazing in a suit?


When The Look From High Rise Made Us Feel Things

So many things.

When He Proved it Was Good To Be Bad

Jaguar USA on YouTube

So very, very bad.

When this Country Look Happened

Who knew a Brit could pull off that much Southern swagger!

When He Was Draped in Velvet


Damn, that's smooth.

When He Was More Delicious Than An Entire Plate Of Cookies

PBS on YouTube


When Blue Has Literally Never Looked Better


It's like seeing stars for the first time.

When He Made Signing Autographs Look Like Heaven


When The World Had the Pleasure of This


Take notes, gentlemen.

When All Men Were Ruined For Everyone Everywhere


When He Managed to Stand Out Next to Tilda Swinton


Swoons all around.

When Stripes Took On a Whole New Meaning


When He Made Dragon Flies Look So Damn Fine

What's next, a bumblebee brooch?

When He Wore The Stuff That GQ Dreams Are Made Of

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Well done tailors, well done.

When This Grey Was Everything

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thank you for your service, Mr. Hiddleston.

When He Wore the Perfect Ensemble

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Simple, classic, unbeatable.

Suddenly, the day doesn't seem so dreary anymore, does it?