'Bach' Villain Kelsey Can't Really Blame Editing

In watching a TV show of any kind, maintaining a suspension of disbelief is key, but it's especially necessary when watching shows like The Bachelor. Although I'm sure there are people out there who watch and wholeheartedly believe that everything about the show is genuine, the majority of us Bach fans are aware that there's a serious lack of reality in this particular reality show. This the main reason why at first, I was hesitant to believe that Kelsey is faking it or putting on an act: There's no way that she is actually that manipulative the way she was last week. Is she really stopping at nothing to win Chris Soules' heart, or is she the product of some evil genius-level editing to spice the show up a little? I'd usually give someone like her the benefit of the doubt, but after examining the evidence, I'm pretty sure The Bachelor version of Kelsey is putting on an act.

Don't get me wrong — making women the victim of bad editing is definitely a thing where The Bachelor is concerned. Have they ever aired a promo that accurately described what actually happens in an upcoming episode? After all, the big "sex in a tent" fiasco earlier this season really turned out to be Ashley I. attempting (and failing) to hint to Chris that she's a virgin, not a top secret tryst as ABC would have originally had us believe. But where Kelsey's concerned, that's not what's going on here. You can edit scenes. You can edit people's words and take them out of context. What you cannot edit is tone and facial expression, and those are Kelsey's main problems.

This becomes particularly evident in a sneak peek ABC released of Monday's episode, which shows even more of Kelsey's true colors. And by true colors, I mean she has enough to fill one of those Crayola 64 packs with the sharpener in the back. Last we saw her, she was on the ground in the midst of a panic attack with one of the set medics looming over her, ready to offer her oxygen. The next episode picks up where she left off, and as soon as the EMT asks her if there's anything she can get her, she instantly asks for Chris.

The best part? When she turns to the medic again and says with a laugh, "I'm gonna get a rose tonight for sure!"

She really said that. She really said that, like Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap would have when she was trying to trick her way into Lindsay Lohan's dad's life and wallet.

You cannot edit that laugh, people. It's the same one that made its appearance after she told the story of her husband unexpectedly passing away and announced, "Isn't my story amazing? I love my story." Kelsey, your story is many things. It's sad. It's tragic. It's heartbreaking. Amazing? Not sure if that's the right word you chose, and you chose it on your own. The editors did not choose it for you. These are the words of a girl with a plan, maybe even a girl with a plan to be such a ratings booster that ABC chooses her as the next Bachelorette.

Fortunately, even if Chris doesn't realize Kelsey's trying to pull his little Bachelor marionette strings, the other girls aren't going to let her get away with this much longer, in fact an ABC press release all but guarantees it:

Some of the bachelorettes remaining in the hotel are sick and tired of Kelsey’s “act.” Will they tip Chris to the truth about her?

If they didn't allow Jordan Branch stand a chance at returning to the competition, they sure as hell aren't going to let Kelsey stand in their way.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC