7 Reasons Why Couples In Strong Relationships Don't Need To Buy Gifts On Valentine's Day

February 14 is almost here, and you have no idea what to get your significant other for Valentine's Day. Cupid might have shot you with his bow, but unfortunately gift-giving expertise wasn't included in the deal. After almost a month of your friends throwing suggestions your way and quietly browsing the hundreds of Valentine’s Day gift guides that float around the Internet, you suddenly realize something: the reason it’s so hard to find your mate a gift is because no physical object can express how much he means to you. You’ve been together for so long, gift giving is no longer necessary. It’s, like, so 2010.

This V-Day, why not shake things up a bit? Instead of the typical dark chocolate, red roses, and black lacy underwear, simply vow to continue to nurture your relationship as you’ve already been doing all these years. No purchase necessary.

Because, let’s face it, one of the worst things about Valentine’s Day is deciding what to get your partner. You want your gift to show that you care, but you definitely don’t want to get anything too cheesy. So you go back and forth between tabs online, trying to decide whether to buy a gift box from Harry’s (big beard + big kiss = no fun), or a pair of hockey tickets. Choose neither... here are all the reasons why you don't have to get each other anything.

1. Because you've pretty much given him everything under the sun (and the typical roses and chocolate won't cut it anymore).

Clothes, books, watches, cologne, stuffed animals, jewelry, gift cards to Trader Joe's...you've covered all the bases during your infinity-long relationship. Adding another "RACHEL <3's SAMMY 4 EVER" rhinestone-studded picture frame to the growing collection on your significant other's desk at work? Pass.

2. Because you can't put a price tag on your love.

It's always awkward deciding how much you and your SO are going to spend on gifts for each other. What if they get you something exorbitantly expensive that you know you won't want to match? Or if you decide on a $50 price maximum but find something for $399.99 that you just know they'll love? Skip the awkwardness — and the gifts — altogether. Nobody needs the drama!

3. Because you've realized your relationship is about feelings, not money.

Back in the old days of your relationship, V-Day was all about wearing sexy lingerie (that made you feel like you squeezed into an uncomfortable 18th-century corset), lighting candles (hoping you didn't set the place on fire), and buying gifts (and if you two didn't get each other the right thing, chaos ensued). But now you're a million years older and know a thing or two about coupledom. You know that the most important thing about Valentine's Day is that it gives you a moment to honor the fact that you're in a strong, healthy relationship. Our girl J. Lo said it best: “Love don't cost a thing."

4. Because you'd rather spend time instead of money.

Some of the best times you've had with your mate have been just hanging out talking about your passions, your dreams, and your future (together of course)! With both of your busy schedules, all you really want to do is come home, chill out, and gaze into each other's eyes while having a total Lady And The Tramp moment as you eat your freshly cooked spaghetti.

5. Because a simple love note or card is enough, thank you very much.

Fairly inexpensive yet highly effective, try something new this year and make each other cute, handmade cards to express your feelings for each other. You'll be bawling your eyes out faster than you can say "dinner and a movie."

6. Because Valentine's Day is getting old and boring.

You can't even count how many Valentine's Days you've spent together, and honestly, you don't really care because...

7. Every day is Valentine's Day between you two.

If you only spend one day out of the year showering your SO with attention and showing how much you care about them, there's no way you'd be together for such a long time. You both make it a point to show how much you love, honor, and respect each other every single day. It's no wonder your friends have already picked out their bridesmaids dresses for your fantasy future wedding!

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