Are Things Cool With Bey & Kim Now?

by Arielle Dachille

Once again, it's time to read WAY too much into a simple photo of two famous human beings. Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian took a picture together at the Grammys Sunday night, meaning that Kimye and Bey Z double dates may not be as awkward going forward. Then again, I wouldn't start planning a play date for Blue Ivy and North just yet.

After all, there were three other people in the picture with Bey and Kim, including everyone's best friend couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen as well as a Juicy-tracksuit-clad Kanye West. Rather than "taking a picture together," Kim and Bey seem to be politely coexisting in the same photo. They're adults, guys!!

For whatever reason, Beyoncé and Kim haven't been photographed together since the BET Awards in 2012. There have been rumors of uncomfortable hangouts between Kimye and Bey Z that left Kim's feelings hurt. Let's not forget that Bey and Jay also failed to attend the Kimye wedding. In my own celebrity personal life projections, I've imagined that Jay Z orchestrates the plans to get together with Kimye (cause Yeezy is his boy, and all), to which Beyoncé responds with a groan and says "Them again?! I CAN'T with her, Jay..." But as the media (like me!!) is likely to run amok with this photo, let's examine it to see if it bodes well for a friendship.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To me, the body language reads "perfunctory social interaction." I'm guessing that the exchange went like this. Beyoncé and Kim mutually complimented each other on their respective outfits, swapped pleasantries, emptily promised to make time to catch up soon, and attempted to extract themselves from the conversation. At the very moment that Bey was making her way back to her seat, a photographer came along and cajoled the group to awkwardly rearrange themselves in photo formation. In conclusion, I'd say that they probably aren't gonna be getting together to watch Scandal and paint their nails any time soon.

It was seriously SOO great to see you though!!

Image: Getty Images