'Vanderpump' Star Kristen Is Working at SUR Again? According To — Of All Things — Yelp, She May Be

It only took three seasons (and seven years), but Lisa Vanderpump has fired Vanderpump Rules star Kristen from SUR. There were many slaps on the wrist before the official firing — and many threats to fire her — but it seems like yelling at your boss in front of customers at your place of work is just the thing to seal the deal. After Kristen was fired, we were obviously curious as to what direction her career would take — as I can't imagine she has a glowing recommendation from SUR — but after a little research it was revealed that maybe, just maybe, Kristen is still working at SUR. GASP.

It wouldn't be the first time that a TV show led viewers to presume something happened when it was all a ruse — cough, The Hills— but because fans of the show have visited the very real restaurants owned by Vanderpump & Co., and seen the staff and stars working, it is safe to assume that it's not all a lie. But, one discrepancy that has come up is Kristen's current employment with SUR. On Feb. 5, a SUR review was left on Yelp that placed Kristen (D.) at the scene of the crime... SUR.

Diana served us in the lounge, Alan waited on us at dinner, and Kristin was our bartender after dinner. They were all impeccable! Kristen D. was there with James and chatted with us for a bit and bought us a round of drinks and James, the DJ that night, took shots with us before we left. I watch Vanderpump Rules so meeting some of the cast was fun :)

So first off, let's acknowledge that Kristin the bartender and Kristen D. the Vanderpump Rules star are two different people. OK, let us proceed.

The reviewers comment on seeing Kristen at SUR leaves me with a few questions. 1) Was she working? 2) Was she just hanging out with James? 3) Kristen and James are really a couple....? 4) Wouldn't Lisa not want Kristen to come back to SUR after all the drama she caused?

If Kristen was fired, there is a good chance she could go crawling to Queen Lisa and ask for her job back, it wouldn't be the first time a cast member has done so. Kristen's Twitter also touches on that this could be the case... maybe she got moved over to PUMP.

I would just assume that if things were left on as bad of terms that we saw during Kristen's firing, she wouldn't be hanging around her old haunts. And it isn't just PUMP that Kristen is hanging out at.

So all of this makes me think... OK, Lisa took her back. Ugh. It's not that I care if Kristen works there or not, it's just the principle of firing someone and actually firing someone that makes it frustrating.

But there is an argument for Kristen not working at SUR anymore. Here are two tweets she sent out just earlier in February.

Getting super analytical here, doesn't it make it seem like Kristen was just visiting SUR? That she was there to support her boo-thang and doesn't really go any time other than when James DJs? No matter what the answer to this mysterious question is, we definitely haven't seen the last of Kristen on Vanderpump Rules, so don't go crying over spilt Pinot Grigio.