Kelly Clarkson Live-Tweets The Grammys & Kindly Finds Her Baby A Future Husband Along The Way — PHOTOS

Not only did Sunday night's Grammy Awards produce winners, noteworthy moments, and a lot of opinions, but it also gave people a chance to live tweet the musical event. For example, Kelly Clarkson live-tweeted the Grammys, where she not only showcased her thoughts about the awards show, but Clarkson also found her daughter, River Rose, a future husband. That's right, according to Clarkson, she is ready for River Rose and Wiz Khalifa's son, Sebastian, to tie the knot. Her tweet reads,

So @wizkhalifa your son is adorable beyond words!! I'm thinking arranged marriage with our little nugget ha!

For those who didn't watch the Grammys, then you probably don't know that Khalifa brought his adorable son as his date. Sebastian stole the spotlight and the red carpet in his green suit. Khalifa told red carpet host Giuliana Rancic that this was a great bonding experience with his son, saying, "Never going to get these types of memories again so [I] figure I will share them with [Sebastian]. He can be part of it.”

Well, apparently, Clarkson wants them all to make memories for a long time, because she can't stand the cuteness that is Sebastian.

Even if it is way too early to tell if these two will get together (and, yes, I know Clarkson is just joking), there's no doubt that Sebastian and River are cuties. Clarkson and her hubby, Brandon Blackstock, and Khalifa and his ex, Amber Rose, did good.

In addition to shipping her daughter with Sebastian, Clarkson also posted a ton of tweets throughout the entire evening. From talking about Ed Sheeran to loving Prince to even thinking Kanye West pulling a Kanye when Beck won Album of the Year was hilarious, Clarkson tweeted about it all. Check it out.

I think it's safe to say Clarkson enjoyed the Grammys.