Justin Bieber Has College FOMO

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Justin Bieber: sensitive guy with a guitar working his way through music school by passing the hat at the local java hut. In a display that resembled every college coffee house open mic you've ever been to, Justin Bieber played a random acoustic guitar show. In this writer's opinion, Bieber is continuing his great endeavor of giving himself the college experience he never had.

TMZ obtained a video of lés Biebs whipping out his axe and playing an unplugged show at the State Social House in West Hollywood this week. In the set, he played a cover of "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain and his own "Home to Mama." Sadly, he overlooked some classic favorites of guitar playing boys in dorm rooms like "Wonderwall" and the entire oeuvre of Train. There's an open mic down at the student center next week that I'm hoping he'll check out, though!

Sure, most typical American college students don't have Comedy Central roasts, yachts, and gazillions of dollars, but I'm thinking that J-Bone is craving the life of a typical Canadian-American 20-year-old. Meaning, he indulges in regular college kid things like strummin' little diddies at an unassuming cafe.

Furthermore, he lol's in the face of critics, himself, and life. So chill. Does that sound like a regular old college kid to you? Still not convinced?! Well, regular college kids play beer pong, don't they?! That's what Justin did for Christmas, just like a normal small town boy. Albeit, his beer pong venue was missing the skeletons of 30 cases of beer and the thin film of grime that most college pong games entail. But sure! A for effort!

Also, let's not overlook that time that he accidentally walked into a meeting of Gay Republicans (which happened to take place at the same restaurant as the acoustic show) in the most hilarious scenario to ever occur. Though it was supposedly unintentional, perhaps Bieber was trying his best to recreate the experience of shopping around for clubs in college. Meaning: he has zero interest in becoming a Log Cabin Republican, but he heard they had great free food at their meetings, so why not just show up?

A few other suggestions for his tour of college FOMO, which I would love to see documented: writing a 15-page research paper on Lord Byron, a Tour de Franzia, and showing up for an 8 a.m. college lecture in PJ pants and a messy bun.

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