Mindy is About to Meet Her Idol

I may still be reeling from the loss of series regular Dr. Peter Prentiss (Adam Pally) from The Mindy Project, but while we may no longer have our Dartmouth bro, there is a new face coming to Fox sitcom — and if you're a reality TV buff or just a kard-karrying Kardashian fan, you're going to love who it is. Earlier this year, Mindy Kaling hinted to E! that the series would bring on one of the "singe biggest guest stars" for Season 3, and now we know exactly who that person is. Kris Jenner is set to make a guest appearance on The Mindy Project later this season, and she might just be the person to help Mindy through her latest life crisis. After all, who else to help Mindy get over her Texan-bound BFF and deal with her potential pregnancy than the best momager around?

There's no way that Jenner isn't going to help Mindy figure her life out — after all, this is the woman who basically made Kim Kardashian the global brand she is today. Jenner gets things done, and considering that Mindy Lahiri is basically obsessed with her — her most prized possession is a signed photo of Jenner — she'll certainly listen to her advice. But how exactly these two will cross paths is a little bit iffier. Sure, Danny did lean on Jenner's former son-in-law Kris Humphries after his breakup with his ex-wife, but something tells me that this Kris will be a bit harder to track down — not like that has ever stopped Mindy from connecting with a celeb.

So where can we expect Mindy to meet her idol? If this Instagram photo from what appears to be the Mindy Project set is any clue, they could meet at a book signing — just check out the background image of Jenner just behind the real Jenner.

So are Mindy and Kris destined to be BFFs? Let's hope so — Mindy's been lacking in lady friends as of late, and she could use a straight-talker like Kris Jenner to keep her in line. Who knows? Maybe Jenner will even teach Mindy how to make her future kid the next big thing. We know Mindy already respects her previous work.

Image: Giphy