Mindy Kaling Reveals 'Mindy Project' Pregnancy Is For Real, So Mindy Will Have To Face These 6 Pregnant Lady Problems?

Was it just me, or did anybody else's jaw drop when Mindy got a call from Peter informing her that she's pregnant on last night's episode of The Mindy Project? The news basically comes at the least convenient time, too, with the future of her relationship with Danny on the rocks after she decided to open a practice in San Francisco. When I was done completely freaking out about the plot twist, though, I was left with a lot of questions: Is Mindy going to go through with this pregnancy? Is she still going to open the practice? What about Danny?

Fortunately, as always, Kaling is coming to my rescue with the answers. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kaling explained that Mindy is, in fact, keeping her baby, and the pregnancy will make her even more motivated toward her new career goals.

"We aren’t done with the season yet, but pregnant Mindy is the most fun version of her yet. This is not a woman who rolls with discomfort and change very well, and it’s especially funny because she is an OB/GYN. Also seeing an unwilling Mindy adjust to her new growing body has been really funny to write."

This? This makes me even more excited to see a pregnant Mindy happen. Because just like Mindy tackles her own daily struggles in the most hilarious ways possible, Mindy tackling even the most common pregnancy woes is bound to be some of the funniest stuff the show has ever done.

Shopping for maternity clothes

I have a feeling Mindy is going to be totally disgusted by any and all maternity clothes she can find — even worse if Danny's mom tries to offer her the ones she wore while she was pregnant with him. It's inevitable, though, that Mindy will eventually become the most fashionable pregnant OB/GYN the world has ever seen.

Morning sickness

When the nausea hits, Mindy will obviously be on her death bed. I can only imagine the dramatics that are going to ensue when she starts throwing up every day, and everyone in her office is going to face the consequences of it.


This will be the thing that gets Mindy out of San Francisco and back to New York. There is nowhere that can better serve late night cravings than New York City. Not even Seamless can deliver chocolate cupcakes at 3 a.m. in San Fran, but it's not even up for debate in New York. Also, I bet she's going to want the weirdest stuff.

Receiving unsolicited advice

I can't wait for the first time Mindy is approached in the grocery store check out line by someone trying to tell her she shouldn't be buying all that ice cream unless she wants her baby to be fat. The response she's going to have for that is going to be amazing.

Mood swings

I mean, she already has plenty, so even more will gift us with more opportunities for quotable Mindy moments. Bring 'em on!

Fighting with Danny over a name

Mindy will obviously want something culturally relevant. Beyoncé for a girl, perhaps? Or maybe after one of Meg Ryan's many characters? Danny will be completely against this, and will probably want to name the baby Danny Jr. There will be a fight, followed by a compromise: Middle name Danny, first name Jay Z.

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