So Who Is Kylie Jenner's Makeup Artist Anyway?

The Kardashian/Jenner girls are kind of beauty icons. Between Kim's contouring and Kendall's Estee Lauder campaign, (even if it's not to everyone's taste) no one can say the women of this family don't know makeup. And of course we can't forget the youngest. Whether positive or negative, Kylie Jenner's makeup receives a lot of attention. Almost everybody has an opinion on her whole lip situation, and more recently her lashes have been buzzed about. But who is Kylie Jenner's makeup artist? If you follow any of the reality royalty on social media, you might have actually seen his face floating around already.

Although Kylie Jenner does her own makeup some of the time, when she has it professionally done, more often than not she shares with the rest of her family. Sure, the Kardashian/Jenner ladies have a cultivated circle of regular makeup artists, but their main-man is Rob Scheppy. While Scheppy has worked with a wide range of famous faces such as Mariah Carey and Heidi Klum; and has had work featured in the likes of Vogue and Glamour, he's on speed dial for the Kardashians. Scheppy has been credited with creating Kim's signature contoured look, and he's also the one who introduced Kylie to the world of overdrawing with lip liner. Although the girls' faces and popularity help of course, Scheppy is quite the beauty trendsetter, no? And his work certainly isn't taken for granted with this family either. The Kardashian/Jenners are known to have Scheppy flown around the world with them, so they can have his expert hand at the ready wherever they are.

Kylie and Rob appear to be extra-close. She even reportedly took him as her date to Kim and Kanye's pre-wedding dinner.

And of course the feelings are mutual, as she appears on Rob's social media as well.

Although Scheppy enjoys experimenting with makeup, for Kylie, he likes to keep it relatively natural. That means a bronzed face, neutral eyes, lots o' lashes, and of course, that overdrawn pout.