Terry Richardson X 'Paper' Is Sans Nudity

Famous fashion photographer Terry Richardson is notorious for his shockingly promiscuous shoots. He is best known for his in-your-face, almost entirely nude photographs of models and celebs (including Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Lindsay Lohan), and for the controversy that surrounds those images and his backstage treatment of his subjects. Surprisingly though, the his latest cover shoot didn't include any sexually exploited half-naked ladies. No, this time Terry Richardson photographed Marilyn Manson for Paper magazine's March issue — and the end result is creepy in a totally unexpected way.

Infamous for blurring the lines between art and sex, you'd think Richardson would follow up Paper 's Kim Kardashian #breaktheinternet full-frontal with something equally as racy — you know, since nudity is his thing and all. Maybe he is tired of being called a "pervert", so he decided to go in a new direction — a very dark and eerie direction at that. Perhaps he's taking some cues from Tim Burton?

The cover shot features the off-beat rocker in his signature heavy makeup, including intense black smoky eyes, blood-red lips, and pale white skin — pretty much embodying the look of a vampire. Dressed in Dior Homme and weird Mickey Mouse ears, he sports a super creepy smirk that makes you feel just a little uncomfortable. Okay, so a lot uncomfortable. A second shot shows Manson and his dad posing together, looking almost identical in black leather threads and faces full of makeup. Someone please make this stop.

On second thought, maybe this cover is actually more shocking than the one of Kim Kardashian's oiled up behind?