Our Most-Anticipated 'Pitch Perfect 2' Moments

Rejoice, friends! We are now in the slow slide into the glory of spring and summer blockbusters. A nice little bonus of that slow slide: a new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer. One that actually tells us a bit about what to expect from the plot of this movie, and which has gotten me excited all over again about the sequel to the 2012 a cappella comedy. This is gonna a good time, people — that's what these movies are built to be.

The first Pitch Perfect movie was all about breaking down emotional barriers and building a community around raunchy jokes and musical sisterhood. As far as I can tell, the second Pitch Perfect movie is about keeping that sisterhood going, jamming hard to Beyoncé, and (eventually) saying goodbye to that community that helped shape who you are. Basically, I'm gonna laugh and I'm also gonna cry, and, if the theater where I see this movie doesn't jam to Beyoncé right along with this movie, then we're all living life wrong.

Pitch Perfect 2 is shaping up to be a genuinely fun time. Let's celebrate that by looking through this trailer for the moments from this movie that we're most looking forward to.

For instance.

This Disaster Of A Performance

Oh Fat Amy, the Obamas are about to get very well-acquainted with your vulva.

This Cameo By Kay Cannon

You may have seen her act in New Girl, but, to me, she'll always be one of 30 Rock's brilliant writers and the woman whose screenplay brought us both Pitch Perfect films.

The Ridiculous European Performers

Bring. It.

Multiple Amazing Sing-Offs

Required. So required.

World War II Jokes

Tread lightly, of course. But global politics, yo.


Already crying.

Plot Holes

Nobody really cares if this movie's plot holds up to scrutiny. But wouldn't Brittany Snow's character have graduated already? Like, multiple years ago? Eh, that's half the fun. And it's crucial to this next part.

Homoerotic Subtext Between Beca and Chloe

Mwahahaha, yes. Yes. Please just sing "Titanium" to each other all the time.

New Bellas

Hailee Steinfeld! She's an Oscar nominee!

These Dudes

They've been in approximately 0.5 seconds of these trailers, but, as long as they're being supportive and funny and honey-voiced, I will allow them to have more screen time once this hits theaters.

Picturesque Bonding




Check the trailer out again below.

Images: Universal Pictures; cathy-hiatt/Tumblr