How Much More Shocking Could 'GoT' Get?

There's a lot that comes with watching Game Of Thrones: like, staying the hell away from social media from airtime to when you can watch it if you're trying to avoid Game of Thrones season 5 spoilers, for one. Another is that you've gotta be pretty desensitized to nudity and various bodily fluids, as well as violence — not mention, you've gotta be ready to watch your favorite and least favorite characters die in mighty violent flourishes. If you play the game of thrones (or watch it at home), though, by now you generally know to expect the unexpected re: sex and death. Which is why it's not too crazy that Sansa Stark actress Sophie Turner claims there're some pretty shocking moments coming in Game Of Thrones season 5. But what is crazy, though, is that she says that they might even be "more shocking than the Red Wedding."

At this point the question becomes: Is that even possible?

I already have my theory regarding what Turner's referring to (let's just say if it comes true I'm gonna be making liberal use of 50 Shades Of Grey wordplay), in which case...yeah, I could see how that could be about as insane a moment as watching the Freys slaughter a bunch of Starks and stab a pregnant woman repeatedly in the belly during the "Red Wedding" episode. At this point, it's hard to imagine Game Of Thrones really trumping what it's already done, because, in case you haven't been paying attention: This show's pulled a lot of shocking twists. So as we look forward towards what might be coming, let's look back at the moments from seasons past that really did rattle us.

(Spoilers, OF COURSE.)

Ned Stark's Death

This is one of those way-back ones that really defined what Game Of Thrones would do to its audience. It doesn't seem as huge now, but think back to before Ned Stark's head was lobbed off on Joffrey's orders: He was practically the main character of this show. Seeing them actually off him sent the signal out to viewers everywhere: No one is safe. It's a message they'd send out again and again every season.

Viserys' Death

It wasn't so much that Viserys died (he was a total jerk who was not long for this world) as it was how he died — getting molten gold poured over his head. That's a bad way to go. Sometimes, the gore trumps the event itself.

White Walkers

For those who hadn't read the books, the whole ZOMBIE ARMY thing at the end of Season 1 was quite the moment. That the zombies were so damn elegant only helped that along.

The Red Wedding

I MEAN. Two major characters, and multiple supporting characters bit the bullet this time in the most monumental bloodbath this show has ever seen. To see the shockwaves that went through the audience when this episode happened all you have to do is watch some of the many response videos that litter YouTube.

The Purple Wedding

Honestly kind of anticlimactic after the Red Wedding, but at least it got rid of Joffrey and included a really gross poison scene. Also really cemented that one should never attend a wedding in Westeros.

Daenerys Freeing the Unsullied

This one wasn't shocking in the way that most of the other things on this list are; the shock value had little to do with who died or how. This one's on the list because the insane awesomeness of it all left so many jaws on the floor. If you are feeling insecure and feel like you need something to rev you up for the day, this is just as good as listening to Beyonce.

For real, watch this scene and then tell me you don't want to go out and crush the patriarchy. I dare you.

The Crushing Of Oberyn's Skull

For such an immediately beloved character Prince Oberyn really did draw the short stick when it came to ways to die. Head smushed like a grape. It was a shocking departure, sure — but it's the sound-effects that really win the memorable part of this moment. Ew.


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