Someone Made a Miley Cyrus and Mumford & Sons Mashup, and It's Beautiful

Just when we were finally getting "Wrecking Ball" out our heads, it's back, thanks to a new, crazy-addicting mash-up called "Little Wrecking Ball." The song combines, obviously, Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" with Mumford & Sons' "Little Lion Man," and the results are amazing.

Made by a YouTuber called Isosine, "Little Wrecking Ball" consists of Cyrus' vocals over the music from the Mumford & Sons hit single. It's an odd combination, but trust us, it works. With Mumford's fast-paced, country instrumentals, Cyrus' power ballad sounds like an entirely new song, and perhaps one that's even better than the original. Isosine adds to the effect by setting the music to clips from videos for songs by Sigur Ros and The xx, as well as the close-up face shots from Cyrus' own video for "Wrecking Ball." It's a surprising mix, but it makes for one powerful mash-up.

"Little Wrecking Ball" is bound to be your new favorite song, so even if you're Cyrus-ed out, there's no point in avoiding it. Suck it up and take a listen, because it's really, really good.

Check out the amazing mash-up below: