10 Alcoholic Valentine's Day Gifts To Give To Everyone On Your List, Because Booze Always Trumps Love

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They say the way to a person's heart is through food. But if you really want to wow your loved one on February 14th, then perhaps a different Valentine's Day gift is in order. And no, this doesn't require investing in super sexy lingerie or mastering some Fifty Shades of Grey-style moves. It merely involves a trip to the nearest liquor store.

Right after chocolate, alcohol is the most all-inclusive Valentine’s Day gift. It’s a way for couples to toast their love for one another. It helps singletons to forget that they are all alone on the heart-filled holiday. It can even bring two people together for the night (and, technically, into the next morning). And while some may see liquor as a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, I personally think the right bottle of booze can show someone that you not only know them, but care about them too. Especially if it's something they wouldnt have thought to buy themselves.

Though not the most common selections, these beverages are the perfect purchase for anyone on your Valentine's Day list. Because not only do they taste great, they also display a touch of thoughtfulness. Whether you are buying for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or a BFF, these liquors are sure to make your special someone happy on February 14.

Image: Camille Strippoli/Flickr

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