Ellen Pranks Matt Lauer, 'Fifty Shades' Style

Valentine's Day, Schmalentine's Day. February 14, 2015 isn't just some frou-frou greeting card holiday where we all over-indulge in chocolate (is there such a thing?). It's now, thankfully, Fifty Shades of Grey Day! Rejoice, for the steamy world of Christian Grey is coming to us on the BIG screen. Fans of the sexy book series aren't the only ones getting excited for this weekend's premiere. Even the unlikeliest of celebs are pumped about Fifty Shades finally coming to life. Take Matt Lauer for example. The Today Show host interviewed Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in full S&M gear. He even whipped Dornan in the bum midway through their chat. Well... kind of. Ellen Degeneres used the power of editing on her show to add Lauer's head to a scandalous body. The cutaways to Johnson are absolutely priceless.

Even with Lauer covered in straps and leather, I still found Dornan way, way more distracting. If that can't sell a movie, I don't know what will. Who am I kidding? Fifty Shades of Grey is pretty much the only thing anyone is going to be talking about this weekend — and for that I am thankful. Who needs roses and "romance" when you can share the joy of a naked Jamie Dornan with the ones you love over cocktails? Exactly. REJOICE!

Take a look at the hilarious clip here: