The Meaning Behind Drake's "You & The 6" Is Sweet

After hints, rumors, and leaked information, Drake's newest mixtape "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" got a Beyonce-style surprise release on Thursday night — just hours after the rapper's new 15-minute short film "Jungle" was unleashed onto the web. The mixtape features 17 songs, include singles, and is apparently different than the album Drake is expected to release later this year called "View From The 6." Now that we've all had a chance to listen to the mixtape obsessively, I can confidently say that one of the best songs on the mixtape — in my opinion — has to be "You & The 6." Not only is it lyrically and musically epic (like most Drake songs tend to be), but the meaning behind it is sweet as well: One look at the lyrics, and it's apparent that this is very clearly a song dedicated to Drake's life with his mother. The single features lyrics about their relationship which at times is quite common and relatable, and at other times is completely strange thanks to his star status.

At one point, Drake reveals he hasn't stayed in touch with his mother as much as he wants, and that she has to set Google alerts to learn what's going on in his life sometimes. He also talks about how his mother always tries to set him up with women, but that he's not willing to make these women part of his hectic life.

The song also features a potential reference to Rihanna, as well as lyrics about Drake's relationship with his father — which was known to be rocky thanks to some difficult childhood memories. A snippet:

Having conversations with mama, man my life is a mess Ain't been returning the texts, so she been reading the press She got google alerts, them shits go straight to her phone She worry bout me from home, you know she raised me alone She said "I heard you back with you know who" I told her "Girl I'm always back with you know who" And she like "Who are we kidding" "You're only 27 you just being you" "You're your fathers child man thank god you got some me in you"

But some of the best moments from the song come when Drake speaks about real emotions that he has for his mother, which are both positive and negative — and the song gets even better by the end when he admits that her advice and being raised by her and "the 6" (aka, Toronto) saved his life.

Listen to the song below: