Hillary May Be POTUS By The Time 'Sherlock' Starts

There isn't much more we could want in life than more Benedict Cumberbatch (says everyone, everywhere). And there's a good and bad side to that statement. The good, Cumberbatch is successfully becoming a huge movie star, and will be in many upcoming films. The flip side to that is that he has a lot less time for Sherlock. Season 4 of Sherlock isn't set to premiere until 2017, which is a really long time to go without our favorite detective. A lot can happen in that span of time... a whole lot.

There hasn't been much talk as to what Sherlock Season 4 will entail, although we can't help imagine based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But instead of focusing on what can be in the next season, I say we dwell on the fact that we have two years to just sit and twiddle our thumbs, re-watching Seasons 1 through 3, trying to make the time pass quicker. So much is going to change in the world during this wait, and I'm not sure the gravity of this situation — this Sherlock freeze out — is fully appreciated. Let's review all the huge things that could very reasonably happen in this world between now and the 2017 premiere of Sherlock:

We Could (Should) Have a Woman President

By 2017, Hillary Clinton could be running the White House. Fingers cross, Hills!

The iPhone 8 Could Be a Thing

We'd at least be working on iOS 12.2 by then.

Blue Ivy Will Be Five-Years-Old

Holy. crap.

Fifty Shades Darker Will Probably Be Out Already

I know the first film just came out, but we've got to think ahead with these things.

We Might Have Flying Cars

"Might" is the key word, but still, it could happen.

The Bachelor/ Bachelorette Will Have Brought Together — and Split Apart — Four More Couples

I'm not a pessimist, it's just that the numbers don't lie.

Kanye Will Still Be "Happy"

He's a beam of light in 2015, and surely 2017 will be the same.

Benedict Cumberbatch Will Have a Child

He'll actually have a child (with wife Sophie Hunter) by the end of 2015, so that baby will on its way to saying actual words like "It's elementary," by the time Season 4 comes out.

You Probably Won't Use a Password Anymore

You'll be using your eyeball or something advanced like that.

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