Georgia Tech Frat Boy Distributes Super Creepy Guide to Getting Laid

The social chair of Phi Kappa Tau's Georgia Tech chapter is rightfully being publicly shamed internet-wide for his ultra-rapey guide to getting girls into bed, which he distributed via email to his frat bros. Aside from the obvious fact that this missive advocates getting girls drunk, taking advantage of them and then kicking them out of bed, there's something else about this gross letter that It smacks of a high schooler boasting about summer camp sexual exploits that never actually happened. Here's quote evidence that this guy has probably never actually interacted with a woman.

Nothing gets a girl interested like a stiff, awkward dude that uses a list of scripted talking points in order to get her comfortable enough to dry hump with him on the dance floor. Maybe just engage in casual conversation and assess if there's an attraction — then you won't have to trick anyone into hooking up with you?

Seriously? 'Aw, that's no fun'? Thanks for that panty-dropper of a conversational gem.

Whoa, that escalated quickly now didn't it! I totally love when a near-stranger grabs me aggressively and grinds up against me with his crotch. PSYCHE! When this happens on the subway I consider alerting authorities. It's not out of the realm of possibility that a girl may react similarly on a frat house dance floor.

No, if she says she wants a kiss, she wants a kiss. And if she gives you that "kiss me" look, she might want a kiss. And if she leans towards you, lips parted, she probably wants a kiss. No one considers "she starts putting her hair over her ear" as a universal sign for "let's snog."

In case you needed a primer on what making out means! Also, a butt grab is administered "outside or inside the shirts"? This guy seems to be a little confused on the correct layout of the female anatomy. He sounds kinda like Steve Carrell describing a breast as feeling like a bag of sand.

Hopefully the girls of Georgia Tech are wise enough to keep this dude's probable-virginity intact.

Image: hectorir via Flickr