Benedict's Wedding Is Soon — Like Way Soon

Get ready to have a total Benedict Cumberbatch related heart attack, guys — like, seriously, I'm pretty sure that my lil' entertainment journalist heart is about to have a heart attack at this news (and I'm already still trying to get over the fact that Drake gifted the world with a brand new mixtape late Thursday night with absolutely no warning whatsoever) and I'm only 23 so that's a little troubling. BUT, not my point — the point here is that reports have surfaced that Benedict Cumberbatch is set to marry Sophie Hunter on Valentine's Day, as in this Saturday, Feb. 14, and this news LITERALLY CAME OUT OF NOWHERE.

Like, I know that Cumberbatch got engaged ages ago (November 2014, to be specific) and Hunter is pregnant so they're literally already the cutest couple ever, but there's been no indication that their wedding was anywhere close to happening soon — and now, tabloids like Us Weekly and Daily Mail are reporting that it's not only going to happen as soon as Saturday, but it's also will reportedly be taking place "in the sprawling grounds of a spectacular period property in the south of England," because of course. I don't know about you, but I'm having a lot of trouble accepting this right now solely because of how sudden this news is.

Still, though: While the reports of the wedding taking place tomorrow aren't confirmed by Cumberbatch or Hunter, congratulations are definitely in order.

Image: Giphy