Sofia Vergara Tells Us About Her Jewelry Line

"I want women to feel strong, sexy and confident when they wear my jewelry," Sofia Vergara tells Bustle in an exclusive interview about her collection for Kay Jewelers: So Sofia. "I want them to feel amazing and feel like they are looking their best." Valentine's Day — otherwise known as the day to gift your loved ones jewelry, chocolate and stuffed teddies — has come and gone. But I've never really been into this idea that there's only one day worthy of the celebration of love (or jewels). Any day is a jewelry day, right? (NO. SHAME.) Subsequently, there's absolutely no reason not to treat yourself to shimmering silvers or glimmering golds at any given moment in time.

We all know Sofia as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in ABC's hit sitcom Modern Family — you know, the glamorous Colombian mama never afraid of being herself or owning her own femininity and sense of identity. In real life, the same can be said for actress Sofia Vergara. When asked about her decision to jump into jewelry design rather than fashion, Sofia said simply, "Ever since I was a girl, I've worn and loved jewelry. It was an easy decision because it is something I have always dreamed of doing." And in some ways, this decision makes her line all the more universal. It's no secret that fashion can sometimes be segregating — from lack of size inclusivity at retailers to poor body diversity on the runways. But accessories are [literally] for everyone, whenever they so choose to wear them.

As someone who grew up predominantly with the Colombian side of her family, I've always had a soft spot for Gloria's character on MF. She's loud in everything from her demeanor to her aesthetic (not unlike every woman in my own familia, except for me — because #blacksheep), and she's as fierce in protecting her children as she is in her shopping tendencies. The boldness Sofia embodies as Gloria manifests itself in the So Sofia items — where color reigns in classically elegant designs. "Color! I love color. I incorporated beautiful jewels like Amethyst and Blue Topaz into my collection to give that perfect color pop," says Sofia. "Each piece also carries a tiny hidden emerald, because it is my favorite stone and I wanted each piece to have one." Adorable. And not surprising when you consider that Colombian Emeralds are basically one of the most precious and valuable stones in all the world. (Loving that cultural shout out so much!)

Sofia Vergara Earrings Lab-Created Emerald 10K Rose Gold, $680,

Sofia Vergara Ring Amethyst/Diamonds 10K Rose Gold, $1000,

Sofia Vergara Necklace Lab-Created Emerald 10K Rose Gold, $350,

Ranging from $150 to $1559, there is ultimately a ring, necklace or set of earrings for every jewelry lover here, budget aside. And there are 112 items to choose from! It's funny — as a teenager, I would have probably dismissed some of these pieces as "basic." Or maybe as "something for my mom, but NEVER me." But as an adult, I see the beauty in their intricate craftsmanship. I see how brilliantly these jewels can transition from day to night — from the office to New York Fashion Week.

There's something to be said for versatility, and this collection certainly is that. Whilst I don't think women should need material goods — be they Emerald necklaces or Topaz earrings to make them feel beautiful — I do admire fashion's ability to allow our personalities to shine, and in turn, help us feel even more confident and lovely. "I definitely feel more beautiful when I am wearing jewelry," says Sofia — agreeing with this sentiment of mine. "I think it makes women feel more put together and feel like a look is complete."

Sofia Vergara Necklace Blue Topaz & Diamonds Sterling Silver, $449,

Sofia Vergara Ring Lab-Created Emerald 10K Rose Gold, $560,

I couldn't let the conversation pass, of course, without asking whether or not Gloria Delgado-Pritchett — with her on point use of bedazzled bodycons and obnoxiously [albeit wonderfully] daring ensembles — would feel as strongly about this collection as Sofia herself does. According to Sof (name shortened to signal our bond, obviously), "Gloria likes all jewels!!! Jay would love them too!!"

Images: Kay Jewelers