Dear Lady Gaga, Please Keep Your New Bob

I am about to pen an open letter to Lady Gaga, one of the reigning queens of fashion and outrageous style, particularly when it comes to her hair. She even has a song about the power she gleans from her locks. Now that Lady Gaga has a brunette bob, which is tres chic and majorly sophisticated, the letter is very simple and goes like this: "Dear Lady Gaga, I love your new dark brown bob. Please keep it for the next six months. Thanks. Love, Amy."

There's a very specific reason I want this power bob to stay put.

Most of Gaga's Little Monsters know that she is a natural brunette, but that when she went blonde, her career began taking off. She has steadily rocked crazy styles — from dreads to mermaid length to hair bows — as her fame grew and developed. This, we know. The last time Gaga showed us her natural hair, which she keeps short due to all the stresses and strains that wigs and dye jobs cause, it was healthy but so soccer mom-like, which is decidedly anti-Gaga.

This chin-length bob is way, way elegant and classic, and it fits with what she is doing in her career right now with Tony Bennett and her jazz phase.

Don't you love how it frames her face?

The shape and style also call attention to her eyes and I lurve the push back look. The cut and color are beyond flattering. Plus, she can still be Gaga-like and extreme with things like six-inch (or higher) heels as she and Bennett continue to perform live and promote their Cheek to Cheek release.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Larger-than-life hair interferes with the musical message she and her duet partner are getting across. It's a little distracting, too.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The bob makes a statement, just in a less ostentatious way. It's still head-turning, but not for the sake of turning heads. This angled cut will pair flawlessly with the gowns and heels she wears while performing with TB.

So, yeah, Gaga, the bob... it's sophisto! Keep it, please! At least for the next six months. It's not boring. It's... right. Go HAM with your outfits and shoes, but let the hair be chic. You can go back to massive volume and wigs that are so far out in left field that they hang out near the warning track when you start promoting the ARTPOP follow up!

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (2); Getty (2)