How Is Roman Zazo Alive On 'Jane The Virgin'?

As a show (very) successfully navigating the triple-threat of being based off of, homaging, and (slightly) lampooning a telenovela, of course Jane the Virgin has seen it's fair share of drama — there was the recent plot twist-y Sin Rostro reveal, all the Milos/Petra drama, the sassy narrator's teasing of Michael's (possibly impending) death... Not much can top a moment from the second episode, though. I mean, can anything truly beat the impaling of a best friend/cuckold-maker/possible undercover mob person Roman Zazo on an ice sculpture? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. By revealing that said best friend/cuckold-maker/possible undercover mob person Roman Zazo is still alive, Jane the Virgin kind of outdid itself. But here's the million dollar question: What in all heck is Zaz up to?

He was a pretty big character back in the first two (and at that point only) episodes. He was a manager at the Marbella, and as mentioned above, Rafael's longtime best friend (and former college roommate), as well as Petra's secret lover. Oh, and he was being watched by the police because of a possible connection to Sin Rostro. Now that he's back, there's a lot we need to know about Zaz and the implications he could potentially have on all of our favorite characters.

Is It Really Him?

One of the most popular Zaz theories currently making its way around the internet is the twin angle — could this be Zaz's twin, Aaron? Or could it possibly have been his twin who took the literal fall? And even if it wasn't a twin, was it some sort of lookalike deal? A commenter on the Entertainment Weekly recap thread even suggested it could be one of the beneficiaries of the super-secret plastic surgery suite.

Hey, it all fits in very well with the soap opera territory.

Or Was It Faked?

OK, so if it wasn't a twin, then it was some sort of epic staged event, with fake blood (on a white suit, to boot) to spare. I'm of the mind that Zaz and Rafael faked his death — after all, we only saw a couple weeks back with Milos and Petra just how easy it is to fake-kill someone. I mean, that was a pretty realistic throat-slitting, wasn't it? Fake-impaling someone would be considerably more difficult, but on a show like Jane the Virgin, anything is possible.

Who Else Is In On It?

Could Petra have known? Probably not, because Rafael would never collaborate with her on something. Could Rose? Also probably not, because I'm guessing his death was faked to protect him from her... Wait, does that mean Rafael knows that — SPOILER ALERT — Rose is Sin Rostro? Are they all planning something together? I'm so confused!

I also read a theory (another comment on the Entertainment Weekly thread) that Rafael and Zaz could be collaborating with the police to take down Sin Rostro, which would definitely be the best option as far as Rafael and Jane's relationship is concerned... but I'm guessing we still have a good deal of love triangulating to do before Jane chooses between Michael and Rafael for good (if she chooses either of them at all, that is).

What do you think? What nefarious (or un-nefarious) deeds will Zaz (and possibly Rafael) be getting up to?

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